Abhay Deol levels Shahrukh Khan

Posted on Jan 22, 2013 by Taakjhaak Editorial

The unconventional face, the liberal attitude, the outstanding roles, the beyond comparison performances…ahhh, that’s what Abhay Deol is! You have never seen a star like him. He is born to be different and we love him for that.

Shah Rukh KhanTag Heuer, the international watch brand for those who want to make a statement with time, have hit on the perfect choice for their Indian face. Tag Heuer, watches for men, already has a high paid and well known actor as their international face-SRK. King Khan is the international face for all the designs with the brand and Indian face for selected range. It’s not easy to endorse and sell a brand adored by people. A lot goes into that.

Abhay DeolTag Heuer’s new range required an unconventional face to live up to the design and customer expectations. And they have grabbed the best star for it- Abhay Deol. As it is, Abhay is working hard to sell himself as a commercial star after he saw the fans attacking Emraan Hashmi and totally ignoring him during the shooting of the movie ‘Shanghai’.

The company is expecting almost 80 percent of the youth to relate with Abhay Deol and connect to the brand! Smart choice, is it? well the time will tell;)

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