As it happened between a ‘He’ and the ‘She’

Posted on Feb 13, 2013 by Rohit Sachdeva

I was 15; he was 19; and woah…!! He was already in love.

For me, love (then) was loving my parents and the never-ending love that came back from them. Love was only a virtue, I thought, parents could provide. But he, to my surprise loved a girl, of his same age, and that is when I was told that he had a Girlfriend (at start looked like Garfield to me :P ).

couple in LoveI being younger had an orthodox (maybe) habit of pretending to sleep when I was actually listening to what he was talking to his girlfriend about. That, I don’t know. Somehow fascinated me and I always have a laugh somewhere deep in me about the not so productive (silly I should say) talks that too at the Owl’s time. I was still in bed when I could hear his voice modulate from nice, heavy laughter to a slow pitch voice regretting over a (not so critical) mistake committed by not talking to her for an hour long stretch. Actually, I always thought making a friend (girl) was just a way to brag you personality to your other friends.

But laughing to each other’s stuffs, trying to make the other person feel special, talking out the daily routine, regrets, etc were not the only part of the relationship (I guess). There were no sorries (just a thing to say), actually I could feel that sorry became the most prominently used word in their talks once they started to have frequent fights, wherein the he would sometimes tell things to she and the she being responsible, could not resist to say “sorry” somewhere innumerable times and vice versa.

Relationship is the best thing to happen to the 21st century guy and girl and for them (sometimes) the communication with family members might fade away just to keep up with the communication of the so called then soul-partners. He now, was just over the permissible age group of marriage here in India when they, often, started to tease each other over the marriage, not to forget, the talks of what they are gonna wear on the marriage, what all gifts would he gift her, where will they go out for dinners, and on and on.

heart breakThe distance often breaks relationships apart. But in this case the opposite seemed to have occurred. He and she stayed in different cities, about 5 hours away; and guess what, they were happy to see each other only once in two-or-three months. Rest of the times Mr. Martin Cooper (inventor of mobile phone) and Hutchison Essar’s (now Vodafone) combined effort let them indulge in each other’s life so much so that the world almost looked so together.

The time fled, and had to show its colors; now, she had shifted to a place near his place. Temporary stay it was and also was her job. She had a different dream of staying alone, being independent and earning her needs. She looked good in her work but did somehow lost the strong contact with him. The times they now talked had exponentially decreased to what it used to be when they lived away; not did this mean they now met often but they were so in for their respective works that they went intelligent in making excuses not being able to call the other. Even the efforts of the free-calling plans provided by the Hutchison Essar Group were in vain to let them communicate now.

Maybe every relation requires an understanding and belief on the counter. He would often panic on the un-poised response from her and hence would lose his temper to say something that shouldn’t have been said and maybe the same would have happened from the other side (can’t comment on her remarks as I couldn’t listen any).

I say him cry almost the whole night (till my eye-brows let me awake) and still see him act normally the following day just to see him cry the following day again. She ditched him, or he said something that ruined the relationship, or this was something ought to happen? Neither could I answer any question nor was it appropriate to ask him about the same. All I could think of was that a relationship always does end up in the same fashion where, both the candidates get apart with a heavy heart, still wanting to get together but unable to say anything. He (I belonged to his team) is the one I always favored as I knew nothing of the other party. Hence I blamed of her being wrong, always, not to make him feel better but instead making him cry louder because this made him remember her more (maybe).

He and she ended there bond finally, there is nothing like a break-up, but fading away each other’s thought, their talks, etc from their minds. He still remembers her whenever he hears a similar name, sees a girl with a similar face or comes across a movie scene of the similar taste. He almost has had a vaccine not to talk to her, not to talk about her. She remains good, happy and ever-fantastic is what he always prays without thinking of the things they went through.

Seeing him go through all this, I somehow prevent myself from falling in love, and instead love to make friends whom I can see happy without any connection, without any commitment.

His life is something a book with different phases, different parts can be written, but yet keeping him an anonymous character, because there might be many hims and hers having a similar story.


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