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I am your average guy, trying to make a place for myself in this universe. In my experience of 25 years in this world, I have learnt a few things, I am learning a few things and will keep learning more. This blog is an honest attempt to put forward some thoughts and reflect on them in a humorous, sarcastic and sometimes blunt manner. Hopefully learning will continue forever !!! My Blog 'As I See It' is a sincere effort to pen down the trials, dilemma and tribulations of a young man in this not so young world... Happy relating :)

jagjit singh the gazal maestro
Posted on February 13,2013
  Let me describe the scene. It’s a college hostel, a group of friends, among them a few lovelorn, a few sympathetic, mostly all with filled glasses and the occasion, another “Room ghazal night”. Performer, our very own Jaggi Paaji (What we used to call Jagjit Singh Ji) off course on MP3 (Wish he was there for real). Night usually began with happier ghazals, exceptions being the...
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Sufi Poet, Bulleh Shah
Posted on February 04,2013
“Wahwa Ramz Sajan di hor; Aashiq Bina na Samjhey Kor” “Very different are the ways of my beloved; only a lover can understand that” Every night I turn into a Sufi by choice, but in the morning world wants me to be a realist. In the night I read Bulleh Shah,but in the morning I can’t tell people about him, for the simple reason, I will get laughed at. Bulleh Shah, an 18th century Pu...
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friend's wedding
Posted on January 23,2013
First things first, the title refers to the famous song and not to the namesake movie. Movie was rather bad, so let’s not mention it here. I did not add “Aaj” before the title and that’s ironic, as it’s been 10 months since completing my MBA and it seems, one or other of my friends is getting married almost every day. Facebook, our generation’s official messenger /photo album/ event ma...
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Posted on January 21,2013
It was 14th March 1987, sometime around 1 am at night; sorry can’t give you the exact time. Because no one kept note of the exact minutes and seconds when he was born, but what we know for sure is that he became a Piscean. From the day he was born, he became a part of this unique group of people who are symbolised by "Fish", governed by "Neptune", and have their lucky days as Thursdays and Mo...
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love and rejection
Posted on January 16,2013
Let’s start with defining love. Dictionary says it’s a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. Rejection quite simply is when this person, for whom you have profoundly tender, passionate affection, gives you a big “NO”. Marketing is quite simply the set of activities, which one undertakes to woo the person, for whom one has profoundly tender, passionate affection. ...
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