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Devika Sharma is a multi-tasking personality. Work finds her some way or the other. May it be Interior Designing, art, radio shows, writing articles, teaching or managing the shows on or off stage? Jack of all traits, master of.... (hahahaa God knows what?).Bears a witty sense of humor and loves to chat about anything and everything. Has been on a travelling spree, thanks to the hubby’s loyal services to the nation. Collecting ideas and inspirations from the surroundings in second thing to her nature after breathing. Of course new ideas do spring in her mind when she is writing her examination paper or concentrating on things that are no way related to interior designing or home decor. “Eureka!” seems to be her favourite catch line. Coming from the small town of Kullu Valley, she prefers a peaceful and cozy environment. Loves the country side feel to life and that may be reflected in her ideas on home decor as well. And so here she is to share her expertise and ideas for your homes. Have fun :)

Room-Divider bar
Posted on February 06,2013
Apartments, small flats are what we call our homes today. As the times change, and population and values change, the square feet area of our homes have also changed. Gone are the days, when you had a room specially dedicated for dining. Today, we talk in BHKs. Halls are where we need to accommodate our drawing and dining areas together. These living areas give an informal and inviting look to your...
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Using good crockery even at home
Posted on February 04,2013
“Nah-ah! Don’t you dare touch that crockery for guests.That’s not for our use...” How many times have we heard this dialogue till our teenage? How many times have we screamed this very dialogue to our children? Hmmm, the counts are endless. The other day I was watching ‘Friends’ on TV where Ross asks a question - “Into how many categories, does Monica categorize her towels?” ...
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