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Rohit Sachdeva aka Aar Jay’s heart does the thinking work while the brain is busy feeding emotions, Lol-o-scooper by nature and a relevant obsessed chatter, the 25 year old amateur blogger is unusually confident and confused simultaneously…lol… Confident because he has No white hair as yet and confused that he has just 28 teeth, wasn’t he suppose to have 32 of them. Emotions and wit aren’t the best friends but he wants to inscribe both through his writing expressing notions his way. A cricket buff and an Ex-Radio Jockey, Aar Jay is a Limca Book of Record Holder with 105 hours of Non-Stop RJing, aah get those eyebrows back to square one, that’s history. Finally, you might find some goof ups in his writing but that’s Okie, He’s a Punjabi and they don’t cover up, live life spoof size. Time to chuck off his details and concentrate on his writing, because that has to impress not his blue eyes...Ha-ha... If he had those. Peace out #Aar Jay#.

heart break in a relationship
Posted on February 13,2013
I was 15; he was 19; and woah...!! He was already in love. For me, love (then) was loving my parents and the never-ending love that came back from them. Love was only a virtue, I thought, parents could provide. But he, to my surprise loved a girl, of his same age, and that is when I was told that he had a Girlfriend (at start looked like Garfield to me :P). I being younger had an orthodox (m...
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lonely at night
Posted on February 02,2013
I could just hear the clock ticking and my dad snoring in the next room, the lights were dim and I had my eyes set on my framed photograph in my room, it was 2 am in the night. Checked my phone, there wasn’t a message and my favorite people too weren’t online on whatsapp. I wanted to feel something or I wanted action or I wanted motivation or what was it, I still can’t figure out. I got up a...
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India Vs England at PCA Mohali on 23rd January 2012
Posted on January 24,2013
Sitting on the terrace with your favorite people, sipping hot coffee on a cold winter evening would satisfy quite some but amongst crowd in the same brutal weather beating the dhol and screaming my chords, India…India… Totte Totte (chicks,chicks) is what I have never missed since 1996 at the Mohali cricket stadium. My first cricketing banner, “Australians if you are heroes, then please pl...
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sachin and ricky ponting
Posted on January 16,2013
A blue jersey No. 10 and an Aussie Cap No. 123, no wonder now I realize how pathetic was my color sense that I matched the two while playing amateurish cricket, but the combo till date remains my favorite with the owners of the uniforms, leaving the global cricket with a bump to ponder . Driving, hooking, cutting, pushing, wiping and a couple more terms from the book was best illustrated by the...
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