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If A Girl At The Coffee Table were to be summed up into two words, it would by all accounts be 'Sonali Chhabra'. She is the naturally bubbly and happy-go-lucky girl you fall madly in love with for being just her. She is a master of Public Relations by profession, a writer by passion and a sweet tooth by confession. At age sixteen, she decided she would skip the corporate rat-race and work only for chocolates. Since then, a lot has changed - she now also accepts cake. After Sonali earned her Master's in Mass-Media Communication from Panjab University, she worked as a content writer and a guest blogger specialising in health, wellness and relationships - a holistic approach to helping all the lost souls of the universe. Though she'll forever be a girl from Kanpur at heart, she now lives in Chandigarh, the city beautiful with a feel good circle of friends and the endless memories attached to them all. When she's not out promoting or writing, you can find her at one of her favorite cafes, watching people, as only A Girl at the Coffee Table would.

don't disclose bedroom secrets
Posted on February 03,2013
Now, that we live in a sexually liberated society, it seems only fair to say that parents can take a sigh of relief. They need not worry anymore about the ‘sex education’ for their kids, considering there is enough crude material available on a regular basis! Discussing sex life and bedroom secrets seems to be the new normal, these days! A bunch of single “cool dudes” get together to ca...
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i deserve more money
Posted on February 04,2013
As bizarre as this may sound, trust me I would make more sense as you read on. It was one of my job interviews. And, as the drill goes, I was dressed at my presentable best, with a hope to impress my prospective employers, which I eventually did and things were simply going in my favour until I opened my big mouth. You know, fortunately or unfortunately, diplomacy is not one of my biggest stren...
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Full of Life Punjabi's
Posted on January 24,2013
Call us loud-mouths, ostentatious, gluttony-ridden, flamboyant and blah blah blah! Do we care? Not in a million years! “It’s my way or the highway”, that’s pretty much our motto for a happy life. The gabroos are overtly masculine and the soni mutyaars are naturally blessed with looks to kill. Tandoori chicken will always be our comfort food, brezeer does not qualify as “alcohol”,...
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just friends
Posted on January 21,2013
“Whenever I catch a glimpse of HIM, I skip a heartbeat; whenever he needs my help, I present my selfless best to give him more than he asks for; whenever he needs a listening ear, I give him my undivided attention and yet I am just a friend.” No wonder girls are being crowned as ‘emotional fools’! For most girls, it starts off as a stupid crush with little or no realisation at all what ...
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single girl
Posted on January 16,2013
‘Kudi da vyaah karo hun’, so says biji, tayiji, chachiji and all the ‘worried’ aunties and grannies of my family. Off late, my ‘single’ status seems to be the talk of the house and all the social gatherings leaving no choice for me but smile and smartly escape the uncomfortable discussion. Oh did I mention, all of a sudden, there are way too many people who wish to play a ‘cupid’ i...
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justice for rape
Posted on January 17,2013
She was a student par excellence, the life of the house, pride of her parents and all she ever dreamt of is to make a fortune for her and yes, the right to live a dignified life. Alas, her dreams fell apart like a house of cards! Nobody knew her name, although, the unfortunate and the ill-starred course of events and her indomitable spirit to fight all odds pronounced her as the Delhi’s BRAVEHEA...
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