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Posted on November 12,2012
The second day of the Diwali Mahotsav is celebrated as Nark Chaturdashi or Narak Chaudash and Chotti Diwali. Narak Chaturdashi As per Indian mythology, when Mahabali kept the incarnation of Lord Vishnu- Vaman Maharaj as his doorman in order to protect himself, Mata Lakshmi requested Mahabali to release Lord Vaman from this duty. Raja Bali humbly requested Mata Lakshmi to stay in his house...
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Posted on November 11,2012
Dhanteras falls on the trayodashi of Krishan Paksha.Today is the day when we cherish the birth of Lord Dhanvantri an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that on this auspicious day when the lords and the demons were churning the sea to attain amrit or the nectar, Lord Dhanvantri appeared with a jar of elixir( sweet medicine). This day is also celebrated as a day when Ayurveda came into o...
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Posted on October 24,2012
The auspicious day of ‘Dussehra’ symbolises the beginning of a new era, where goodness prevails and evil succumbs to morality and righteousness. The day marks the end of an eminent scholar of ‘Vedas’ and ‘Shastras’, a great devotee and a righteous man who later was full of ego and immorality which resulted in his killing by Lord Ram. Today is the best day of the year as per Indian a...
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Posted on October 21,2012
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