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Posted on January 19,2013
Good Time: 8.56 AM to 10.00 AM Bad Time: 1.22 PM to 2.40 PM Shaver veda tip: Make Pudina chutney, add salt and put copper coin in it. Rotate it in the house and throw it outside your house with anger ensuring the coin also goes out.
Posted on December 07,2012
Good Time: 3.25 PM to 4.45 PM Bad Time: 10.45 AM to 11.49 AM Shaver veda tip: Take green leaves and put honey, gud and jau on them. Bury this on a chauraha. All your works will be accomplished.
Posted on December 06,2012
Good Time: 3.22 PM to 4.47 PM Bad Time: 10.24 AM to 12.93 AM Shaver veda tip: Wrap a coin in dhruva grass and dip it in honey three times. Keep it in your place of accounting/ collecting or saving cash.
Posted on December 04,2012
Good Time: 9.23 AM to 11.00 AM Bad Time: 12.01 PM to 1.45 PM Shaver veda tip: Put some sada chana in curd and offer them to stray animals only.
Posted on December 01,2012
Good Time: 5.10 PM to 7.25 PM Bad Time: 10.27 AM to 11.50 AM Shaver veda tip: Take Black dal and peepal tree jada and keep it in a bowl. Light a diya and place it on them .All works will be accomplished.
Posted on November 30,2012
Good Time: 3.24 PM to 5.15 PM Bad Time: 8.26 AM to 11.00 AM Shaver veda tip: Mix sugar and soil in equal amount ad put it in a one kg jar. Bury it inside a ground deeper than one feet. Will get everything in life.
Posted on November 27,2012
Good Time: 2.26 PM to 3.50 PM Bad Time: 8.24 AM to 9.16 AM Shaver veda tip: Divide Banana leaf in three parts,put honey/curd on them and offer it to ants.
Posted on November 26,2012
Good Time: 7.25 AM to 9.30 AM Bad Time: 2.14 PM to 3.30 PM Shaver veda tip: Light a mustard oil diya with four wicks and put inderjau in it. All your works will be accompalished.