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my opinion is my individuality
Posted on February 04,2013
My father always stressed on people having their own opinions as he supported individualism (though he never incorporated other’s view points in his tasks- my mom will better explain ;)).Like a rebel I always use to say that why does society set up norms if every individuals’ opinion is correct to his best possible knowledge of the subject in that particular environment? Result, we use to end ...
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Shimla after fresh Snow
Posted on December 17,2012
Winters have finally landed. The season to have sarson da saag and makki di roti , gacchak, moongfali and to enjoy chai pakora any time of the day. The season to flaunt long coats and stylish boots, to sun bask, to get warmth from the fire/heater and most important, to get cozy ;). Winters have always been my favourite since childhood. Hailing from the upper Himalyan region, I have watched the ...
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diwali 4356271
Posted on October 27,2012
Same time of the year is here, with chill in the air announcing the arrival of winters, festive time on the bellow and gold shining high, was just thinking about the aam janta… what are they heading to. Long pending dream of our domestic help to get a gas connection is now shattered as with rise in prices of all commodities, her monthly budget has gone for a six so she is now planning to take...
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Posted on October 16,2012
Just heard the desi way of promoting local Ram Leela… the tempou with a big bhompu , an enthusiastic voice inviting one and all to come and see the Leela, at a particular place and time. I noticed the people around who were more bothered about their daily routine rather than even listening to the announcement. The only time the announement could gain attention was at the ending phrase, ‘Jai Sh...
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Posted on October 10,2012
‘Shraadh’, this topic has always amused many of us who believe in life after death and the effect which the departed souls can have on us. The on going period of ‘Shraadh’ or “Pitru Paksha” as some call it, is a 16 day period during which the Hindus pay homage to their ancestors. It is believed that Lord Ganesha has blessed all the departed souls to relieve themselves from their suf...
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Posted on January 17,2013
Here it comes, National Holiday for every Indian, the ‘dry day’ for some and a long weekend continued for many. The occasion is nothing less than the birthday of the father of our independence struggle, the great man who used the potent weapon of ahimsa to excellence. You have the salute of every Indian Bapu... ! 2nd October is here again, the birthday of a prodigy, Mohan Das Karamchand Ga...
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Posted on September 24,2012
India is a country rich in culture and steeped in tradition that dates back centuries. Ours is a secular country that believes in celebrating festivals of different religions with equal gaiety and fervour. What better time than the ongoing ten day festival of Ganesh Chaturthi to take you through a ‘colourful’ journey of the prominent festivals we celebrate in India! Sweets stuffed in the mo...
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Posted on September 20,2012
The man whose famous prophecies are often a source of debate for interpreters far and wide… The man, whose psychic capabilities made him foresee the 9/11 attack that destroyed the twin towers in New York City… And, hold your breath! The man who predicted when the world will come to an end… Yes, we’re talking about Nostradamus. Who was Nostradamus? Michel de Nostredame was born on 14t...
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lunar rainbow
Posted on September 15,2012
Ever heard about the rare and breathtaking phenomenon of a rainbow or shall we call it ‘Moonbow’ as the physicists do? Some other terminologies such as “night rainbow ”,“ lunar rainbow” and “moon rainbow” are also made use of to describe this one of a kind, breathtaking sight that makes the shutterbugs go crazy! The occurrence and physical evidence of Moonbows contradict old bel...
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Posted on January 17,2013
Are you intrigued? Don’t be because you will soon know the answer! Let’s take you through a trip down history lane to the times when the Roman Calender (Calendar of Romulus initially and later reformed as the Calendar of Numa) was prevalent. We are talking about the period before 46 BC. Between the founding of Rome and the fall of the Roman Empire, the Roman calendar went through several re...
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