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Posted on February 11,2013
People who sacrificed their family, sleep, friends, food, fun were known as Saints and were hard to find. Today, they are known as IT professionals and are found in abundance. ;)
Posted on December 18,2012
A man goes to an advocate inquiring about the divorce process and the charges. Advocate: I will charge 20,000/- for one hearing. Husband: OMG!!! you are charging a lot. I had paid Rs. 500 for my marriage to the Pandit. Advocate: I am sure you are not in a position to take risk with the cheap thrills once again. ;)
Posted on November 03,2012
A Boss was really angry on his associate.Scolding him he said," Have you ever seen an owl?" The employee was looking down and said shakingly," No Sir". The Boss replied, " Look here, look at me". :p
Posted on October 20,2012
A man always claimed to be super intelligent and bragged about it often in front of his kids. His wife fed up with it one day tried to show him the real picture. The family went out for a picnic where the man started elaborating his childhood picnics and how he saved lives of many fellow children because of his quick actions. The wife suddenly shouted, "Look there! there's a dead eagle." Man ke...
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Posted on October 10,2012
An old man of 82 years goes to the doctor for his yearly physical check up. His wife also accompanies him during the visit to the hospital. The doctor suggests the old man for some tests and says, "Sir, I need your urine sample, a stool sample and a sperm sample to take the check up ahead ." The hard of hearing old man , asks his wife , "What does he need?" His wife tells him, "Darling,...
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Posted on October 03,2012
A man goes to a doctor with his 3 broken teeth.The doctor asks how did he manage to break them. The man says, "I ate the cake my wife had baked for me". The doctor asks," Why you did not stop and tell her when you realized that it is too hard to eat?" The man said, " I would have broken 32 then."
Posted on January 23,2013
Every time when a husband and wife fought, the facebook status went 'single'. Friends wondered if these two will fight with parents, will their status go as 'orphans'?.
Posted on September 28,2012
A man and wife married for over 7 years thought of drifting apart as their marriage turned sour. However, the judge wanted to know with whom their son would like to stay. The judge asked the son, "Will you stay with mommy?" The child said, "No, Mommy beats me everyday". The judge said," okay then you stay with daddy". The child refused and said," Daddy beats me too." Finally the judge decided that...
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Posted on September 25,2012
A man not keeping well since long.He goes to his doctor for a complete check-up. After some time, the doctor comes out with the results. The doctor says, "I'm afraid I have a very bad news for you."  "You're dying,and not much time is left." "Oh, that's not done, God can not be that cruel!" says the man. "How much time I have?" "Ten," says the doctor says sadly. "Ten?", "Ten what? Months? Weeks? ...
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Posted on September 19,2012
An elderly man of 80 years use to call his wife as jaan, sweetheart, love, angel, princess,etc. Seeing this his young neighbour complimented him,"uncle at this age also you are so romantic, it is an inspiration for all of us'. The elderly man replied, " Do not tell anyone... from past 10 years I forget her name always.. this way she does not come to know". ;)