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Posted on September 15,2012
Question: "How To Kill An Ant??" Asked In An Exam For 10 Marks!! a student writes: Mix Chilli Powder With Sugar &Keep It Outside The Ant's Hole..! After Eating, Ant Will Search For Some Water Near A Water Tank. Push Ant In To It..Now Ant Will Go To Dry Itself Near Fire, When It Reaches Fire, Put A Bomb Into D Fire.. Ant will be injured so Admit Wounded Ant In ICU. And Then Rem...
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Posted on September 13,2012
Once Rajnikant participated in 100 meter race. Rajnikant won the race ( but obvious). Seeing this Einstein committed suicide . Why? Because light came third and guess who was second ? Rajnikant’s shadow :) .
Posted on September 12,2012
Anil was 35 years old and still single. One day a friend asked, "Why didn't you marry till now? Didn't you find a woman who will be a good wife?" Anil said, "Actually, when I bring home the girls i have selected to marry, my mother doesn't like them." His friend thinks and says, "listen, just find a girl who's like your mother." A few months later they meet again . His friend asks, "Have you f...
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Posted on September 11,2012
A doctor got transferred from the village. The day he was leaving the whole village was in tears. The doctor said, “ Do not worry, the one coming at my place will be better than I.” The villagers starting crying loudly and said, “ The doctor who left before you, had also said the same things about you.”
Posted on September 10,2012
Humpty and Dumpty went to a jungle suddenly a lion appears... Humpty throws mud on the lion targeting his eyes and shouts Bhag Dumpty Bhag.... Dumpty refuses to buzz from the place and says.. why should I run... You threw the mud you face the wrath... ;)    
Posted on September 04,2012
Why were the teachers’ eyes crossed? Because she could not control her pupils.