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style bags 2013
Posted on March 07,2013
Gone are those days when you would stand for hours at bag shops, just think, think, think and come home with an outdated bag. Today is the time when you don’t need to take baggy advice from unknown fashion shoppers standing next to you. Your online fashion guide is always at your service to give you the best. So if you were getting heavy in head with the idea of which bags to buy, your online...
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single line kitchen
Posted on March 05,2013
Compact and easy to run – but often tight on space – single line kitchens need to be planned with ingenuity. In a single line kitchen you have your sink, hob and the working area aligned together on one single counter. Although there is a scarcity of space here, it is still possible to use this limited space in an efficient way. When planning the layout for our single line kitchens, our mai...
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redecorating Bathroom
Posted on February 22,2013
Are you tired of the same old look of your bathroom? Want to change the look of your bathroom and make it an attractive feature of your house? Here’s how you can revamp your bathrooms without spending too much money. Brightening up your bathroom needn’t be a costly or time consuming affair. With a little imagination and effort you can bring life to this lack-lustre room. We need not rip apa...
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yellow rose and its meaning
Posted on February 19,2013
On the special day of love made exclusively only for lovers, what comes to your mind to give to your loved ones? Roses are the first choice of every lover when it comes to gifting on Valentine’s, after all roses are a universal symbol of love! Do you know you can convey all your desires with roses? In fact it is the weapon of shy people to express what they can’t say in words. If you have a...
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green purse and heels
Posted on February 04,2013
Long time back on a birthday bash every liar present there complimented me, until one honest friend came up to me and said, “This pale yellow dress doesn’t suit you and seems like you are here out of compulsion.” I was shocked, it took me hours to finalize that yellow dress and I came by choice to my own birthday bash. But very soon I realised that he was right. It’s not just a colour t...
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Green yellow combination
Posted on February 02,2013
The world is full of beautiful colours. The kaleidoscope of vibrant and subtle colours surrounds our life. We need to access the colour relationships and discover whether a particular arrangement of colour works or not for our rooms. Colours play an important factor in our domestic scene settings. Different colours create different effects, moods and tend to alter the proportions of a room dram...
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restoring old sofa set
Posted on January 23,2013
Furniture in our houses covers up the major amount of space and expenditure. One has to be very careful while choosing it. Various things affect its selection. The most important being space and budget. Big bungalows and farm houses are a part of fiction and movies or perhaps a dream in this constricted city life. Only a microscopic percentage of the population may own such and may not need my fre...
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preparing garden for spring season
Posted on February 19,2013
Are you tired of the sick look of your garden since winters? Awww...c’mon cheer up now, it’s time for the rework. Gear up yourself for the dig of spring, work today to breathe fresh flowery air in the coming season. First of all get the thought of space out of your mind. It’s a false misconception that you can breathe in a beautiful garden only if you have a larger-than-life space for tha...
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storing food
Posted on January 21,2013
“Good intentions but poor meal management”, the phrase haunted my mind for quite some time, until I found it’s relation to my life. I realised it was dominating and ruining my health as well. We have stocks of healthy stuff in our fridge, but lack of time and management forces us to throw it at the rotten stage and opt for convenience but unhealthy stuff. Let’s get into form guys and no...
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make up for office going
Posted on January 31,2013
You enter your office and people are scared!!!! Just kidding, but it happens that you just enter your office in a messed up direct from bed look. Why? Because you didn’t have time to even comb your hair properly. You wish for a cosmetic angel who could make you a princess in just a tinkle. Here your five minute make up express for morning: Set it up For a quick morning glam, you need to cu...
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