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Posted on November 26,2012
Manumulching Pronunciation: man' yew mul ching Transporting leaves by sandwiching them between the rake and one hand.
Posted on November 03,2012
Mattrescotting pronunciation: mat' res kot ing It is the Pattern of white and grey lines on a foundation mattress.
Posted on October 20,2012
Percuburp Pronunciation: per' kyu berp The final  noise a coffee percolator makes to alarm you that it is ready.
Posted on October 10,2012
SERVELENCE pronunciation : surv' lents The sudden silence on the diners table in between a conversation, which occurs when the food is being served.
Posted on October 03,2012
LEXPLEXED pronunciation: leks' plekst when one is unable to find the correct spelling of a word in the dictionary because one does not know how to spell it.
Posted on September 29,2012
FRAZNIT Pronunciation  frahs' nit Any string which is hanging from a clothing,if pulled can cause to the piece unravel totally.
Posted on September 28,2012
LINTULYPTUS pronunciation  lin tu lip' tus It is a cough sweet which is found in one's pocket, after a long period of time
Posted on September 25,2012
Coinophony pronunciation:  koy' noh foh nee annoying pocket concerts conducted by people who like to jingle keys and loose change, often accompanied by a rocking motion
Posted on September 21,2012
Subnougate pronunciation : sub new' get To eat the bottom layer in a box full of chocolates and carefully replace the top level, hoping no one will notice.
Posted on September 19,2012
Elbonics Pronunciation : el bon' iks the actions of two people manoeuvring for one armrest in a cinema