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Posted on September 15,2012
Teloustic pronunciation-  tel oo' stik The tendency for people to shout into the phone when calling long distance
Posted on September 13,2012
Sloopage Pronunciation: slu' paj The tendency of hot dogs,hamburgers and sandwich contents to slip from between their covers..
Posted on September 12,2012
Cosset käsit Pamper or treat as a pet, spoil with love
Posted on September 10,2012
pronunciation: pee poe' luh The gap in the dressing room curtain that can never be closed , completely
Posted on September 04,2012
Dandle Pronunciation: dæn-dêl Meaning : To bounce a child or baby on your knees or swing them arms up and down , to pamper, coddle, fondle or spoil in other ways.