Daily Horoscope: 20th December

Predictions for June 24th, 2019
by Achrya M.Krishan Sharma
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May face some problems in official work. Likely to get transferred.Be wise with money as may lose it.Property may create tension.May have some problem in the eye. Spouse will be supportive.
Keep a white handkerchief with some red flowers in your pocket today.
Lucky Number:1 Unlucky Number:2 Lucky Colour:Red


Health will be fine. Loss in money so be careful. Children will bring happiness. Students will outshine. Do not interfere in others fights as it will lead to bad results.Spouse may give tension.
Wear a yellow thread on your arm today.
Lucky Number:6 Unlucky Number:3 Lucky Colour:Yellow


Anger will be on a rise. May have BP problem.You may feel sad today. Someone may insult you.You will meet someone who will help your sinking business.An auspicious event to take place after 4pm.
Put honey in a paan leaf and leave it in running water.
Lucky Number:9 Unlucky Number:5 Lucky Colour:Green


Money gain on a rise.Stay away from frauds, arguments and thieves.Morning will give a good news.You will meet an influential person today who will guide you correctly. May make new plans in Business.
Put fire in three small wood pieces and leave them at a lonely place.
Lucky Number:2 Unlucky Number:8 Lucky Colour:Sky Blue


Work will be accomplished.Will have to spend money for expansion plans. Spouse may give some tension.An auspicious thing will take place at home.Will meet lots of friends in the evening. Rise in energy.
Recite Hanuman Chalisa.
Lucky Number:1 Unlucky Number:7 Lucky Colour:Orange


Will get some news from somewhere which may give tension. Your own people will give tensions.Friends will be supportive. Transfer on the cards.
Put a sindoori tilak on the door before leaving the house.
Lucky Number:4 Unlucky Number:3 Lucky Colour:Blood Red


Expenditure on a rise. Enemies will be weak.Relatives may give tension.Neighbours will help.Secret tension will be lessened.Property will give you benefit.Expectations from spouse will rise.
Bury black coal wrapped in black cloth at a chauraha.
Lucky Number:5 Unlucky Number:8 Lucky Colour:Chcolate


Some fight may occur at home. Will get a loan. Children will be benefited. May meet an old friend.Will face some blood related problem.Stay away from all kinds of frauds.
Leave a yellow thread with two knots in honey.
Lucky Number:3 Unlucky Number:7 Lucky Colour:Beige


Be careful while driving or travelling. Some special expenditure may occur.Will get recognition at work.Spouse will increase worry.Children will bring happiness.
Throw seven handfulls of green dal in the North direction after doing Varna.
Lucky Number:2 Unlucky Number:5 Lucky Colour:Red


A subordinate may insult you. Nothing will happen as planned.Property dispute may occur.A project may get completed.
Pray to Lord Surya and give arga,before leaving the house.
Lucky Number:9 Unlucky Number:3 Lucky Colour:White


Health will be fine. Business will rise. All plans will succeed.Family fights may end.Property will give very good returns.
Wear gold before leaving the house.
Throw 11 handfulls of black dal after doing varna in the North direction
Lucky Number:2 Unlucky Number:6 Lucky Colour:Yellow


Enemies will be very weak.Money gain on the cards. Friends/children may face some trouble.Lovers will meet.May spend on medicines.Along happy journey on the cards (just be careful while driving).
Offer 5 different types of fruits to children today.
Lucky Number:8 Unlucky Number:4 Lucky Colour:Brown

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