Daily Horoscope: 3rd December

Predictions for June 24th, 2019
by Achrya M.Krishan Sharma
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Will meet someone with good intentions.Will be on a relaxing spree.Will learn new things. Students should take care of health.Expenditure will be in control.Can start New business. Tensions will end.
Start your day by breaking a coconut on the ground.
Lucky Number:1 Unlucky Number:9 Lucky Colour:Beige


Will feel lazy today. May open a new business venture. Day full of running around but tensions will end. Will feel healthy. Stay away from any kind of fraud. Spouse will bring happiness.Will stay with family.
Leave prasada of ghee,flour and sugar (kshar) in white handkerchief at a lonely place.
Lucky Number:7 Unlucky Number:5 Lucky Colour:Red


Disputes in the family. May buy new things or a new family member will enter the house.Stay away from legal issues. Money flow will be on a halt.Evening time will be better. Will run around for money.
Pray to Lord Kartikey.
Lucky Number:4 Unlucky Number:1 Lucky Colour:Sky Blue


May buy some property or vehicle. Rise in materialistic things. You will be the center of attention at home. Will spend on kids.A very good day full of running around.
Put a laung in a laddo and keep it on your roof top.
Lucky Number:8 Unlucky Number:5 Lucky Colour:Green


May have an argument with a neighbour.Will make a solid plan for life.Money flow will be on a halt. Will feel like eating out.
Leave burning diya in flowing water.
Lucky Number:3 Unlucky Number:7 Lucky Colour:Yellow.


Search for a life partner will come to an end. Will remain religious today.Will stay away from frauds.May face gastric problem.
Pray to Maa Durga today.
Lucky Number:6Unlucky Number:5 Lucky Colour:Saffron


Rise in luxuries and ego.Problems in health will subside. New house will be constructed. Stay away from government employees.Stationary work will bring profits.
Bury rice in ground today.
Lucky Number:2 Unlucky Number:9 Lucky Colour:White


Day full of challenges. Running around on the cards.Travel on the cards. Family members may leave you alone. Differences with spouse.May get full rest today as may feel lazy.
Put chandan on three pan leaves and say what you want,bury it in the ground.
Lucky Number:6 Unlucky Number:2 Lucky Colour:Chocolate


Tensions will end. Will spend Quality time at home. Stomach may give trouble. Rise in enemies. Employees may betray you.Good day for farming.
Offer meetha chanas to monkeys or put it on your roof top.
Lucky Number:4 Unlucky Number:9 Lucky Colour:Sea Green


Day is full of excitement. New work will start. Travel on the cards. Money will be saved. Relaxed atmosphere at home.A news on the cards from the North which may give tension. Politics will be influential.Rise in Money.
Put a burning diya in flowing water.
Lucky Number:8 Unlucky Number:1 Lucky Colour:Yellow.


An auspicious work will be done at home. Vastu dosh will end. Children will bring happiness. Will start a new work. Family will go for an outing.Good understanding between husband and wife.
Put Dhruva grass in your pocket.
Lucky Number:3 Unlucky Number:9 Lucky Colour:Brown


Spouse will be supportive.Reputation will rise. Siblings will be supportive.Money will come home in plenty.May travel or plan travel by sea.
Recite Sunder Kand today or visit a Ram Mandir.
Lucky Number:7 Unlucky Number:5 Lucky Colour:Green

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