Daily Horoscope: 5th December

Predictions for June 24th, 2019
by Achrya M.Krishan Sharma
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Enemies will have an upper hand. Tension and restlessness will come to a halt.Relieve from problems. Children will bring happiness. Today happiness will start entering your life.
Put handfull of green dall on the trunk of a green tea.
Lucky Number:5 Unlucky Number:1 Lucky Colour:Green


A dispute will end. Health will be a concern today.Brothers will bring happiness. Property will fetch profits.Tension to remain between partners.
Wear red mauli in hand before leaving for work.
Lucky Number:6 Unlucky Number:4 Lucky Colour:Chocolate


Plans will be unsuccessful. Tensions at home. Heart will be restless. Some secret tension may worry you. Friends will give a good news. Enemies will be strong. Stay away from controversies.
Put red tilak before leaving the house.
Lucky Number:3 Unlucky Number:2 Lucky Colour:Sky Blue


Be careful as you are likely to leave a job or get a transfer not of your choice. Fights with close friends/associates. Business will be slow.You may be offered a role in the glamorous field.
Pray to Lord Surya and put a small ahuti of ghee in fire.
Lucky Number:7 Unlucky Number:1 Lucky Colour:Red


Rise in tension at home.Friends will be supportive. Change in business. Travel on cards.Enemies will be defeated. Spouse will bring benefit and happiness.
Give Arga to Lord Surya.
Lucky Number:8 Unlucky Number:3 Lucky Colour:Brown


Stay alert from thieves. May face some opposition or insult. Will have some eye problem. Distant friends will become closer.The day will be good. Will eat sweets.May buy something which you like.
Avoid going out from home.Do not start anything new.
Lucky Number:7 Unlucky Number:8 Lucky Colour:Yellow


Good news on the cards. Enemies will be weak.Money will flow. Business on the rise. May suffer from some secret tension. May plan to roam around.
Put laung in a green leaf and leave it in flowing water.
Lucky Number:5 Unlucky Number:3 Lucky Colour:Sea green


May have stomachache and headacheche. Money loss on the cards. Friends will betray. Business will be slow. Travel will be blissful. Will get some good news. Day will be good after 4pm.
Put 3 ghee and sindoor tilak on the door before leaving the house.
Lucky Number:7 Unlucky Number:4 Lucky Colour:White


Expenditure on a rise. May buy some new electronic item.Spouse will bring happiness. Enemies will be strong. May face opposition at home.
Light a mustard oil diya.
Lucky Number:2 Unlucky Number:5 Lucky Colour:Beige.


People outside will help you and will give respect. Job may give tension.New plans will be on a halt. Will have to join hands with enemies.Will meet good people in the morning.
Tie Mauli to the chair where you work.
Lucky Number:6 Unlucky Number:3 Lucky Colour:Blue


May suffer from a stomachache. Tension at home. Rise in temper. Spouse will give happiness.Money will give benefits. Property dispute.
Offer a Maize chapati (makki ki roti) with ghee to a black dog.
Lucky Number:4 Unlucky Number:7 Lucky Colour:Sky blue


Health will be fine. A long dispute will end. Legal disputes will be won.Will meet brothers. Husband-wife will get lots of accolades. A very good day on the cards.
Offer green grass to a cow.
Lucky Number:1 Unlucky Number:3 Lucky Colour:Blood Red

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