Daily horoscope for 30th November,2012

Predictions for December 15th, 2018
by Achrya M.Krishan Sharma
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Good day for students.Promotion on the cards. Expenditure on a rise. Loan will be repaid. Tension in the house.
Keep a red/ sindoori colour handkerchief in your pocket today.
Lucky Number:6 Unlucky Number:7 Lucky Colour: Pink


Unexpected expenditure.May have arguments with friends. Enemies will be weak. Spouse will bring happiness. Unexpected journey on the cards.
Bury one nail in the ground for expected results.
Lucky Number:2 Unlucky Number:6 Lucky Colour:Yellow


May be blamed for something crucial. Will get some kind of news which will give tension. Money loss may occur.Secret enemies will be strong. Renovation work will be done.
Lucky Number:1 Unlucky Number:8 Lucky Colour:Beige


Health will be good. Will donate something. Some very lucky person will visit your house today. Enemies will be weak. Peace will prevail giving end to secret tension and worry.
Keep a pot filled with water on the door before leaving the house.
Lucky Number:4 Unlucky Number:1 Lucky Colour:Blue


Will meet brother or friends. May have some loss by theft or betrayal. May travel by sea or plan a travel. Will spend on entertainment.
Put a red thread with six knots in your neck.
Lucky Number:2 Unlucky Number:9 Lucky Colour:Red


Friends will help you. House will be decorated. Be careful as may suffer from cold.Will meet an old friend in the afternoon. Love affair likely to end. Eyes may give some trouble today.
Offer some rice to the birds.
Lucky Number:9 Unlucky Number:5 Lucky Colour:White


Will have some blood related problem. Brother will give happiness. Spouse will give you a gift today. Long journey on the cards. People in job may be overburdened.Money will increase. Enemies will end.
Pray to the chair where you work from.
Lucky Number:4 Unlucky Number:1 Lucky Colour:Orange


Secret sickness on a rise. Enemies will be strong. Relatives will be difficult to handle. May enter an unnecessary fight. May plan to buy some property.
Give arga to Sun God.
Lucky Number:6 Unlucky Number:8 Lucky Colour:Sea Green


May enter an argument with people around you. Marriage on the cards.Will experience some kind of pleasure. A big disease will vanish. Will remain stubborn.Business on a rise.
Make paranthas and offer it to a dog.
Lucky Number:7 Unlucky Number:4 Lucky Colour:Navy Blue



Lucky Number:1 Unlucky Number:3 Lucky Colour:Navy Blue


Will get money from some source.Peace on the cards.Some pain/swelling in feet. Spouse will give happiness. May have arguments with friends. Travel will be painful.Plans will be successful.
Put Hanuman sindoor on a dry tree and keep a glass of water there.
Lucky Number:5 Unlucky Number:2 Lucky Colour:Blood Red


Enemies may cause loss.Children will bring happiness. Business will be on growing spree. Will get a good news. Some loss in partnership.May buy a new thing for the house.Property dispute may occur.
Take equal amount of blak til and laung and leave them in flowing water.
Lucky Number:2 Unlucky Number:8 Lucky Colour:Green

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