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Posted on Jan 22, 2013 by Shagun Sharma

Are you tired of the sick look of your garden since winters? Awww…c’mon cheer up now, it’s time for the rework. Gear up yourself for the dig of spring, work today to breathe fresh flowery air in the coming season.

First of all get the thought of space out of your mind. It’s a false misconception that you can breathe in a beautiful garden only if you have a larger-than-life space for that. A small garden space should not make you feel like a child of lesser God. All that is required to make a striking garden is, creativity and spade ;) .

Abide by these steps for a beautiful garden:

preparing garden for spring seasonPrepare your soil for the flowers. The chilling winter breeze makes soil nothing less than a drained out mobile phone. Dig 6 inches deep and let the soil soften gradually instead of replacing it with new soil, for better plant growth.

Increase the nutrient level of soil by using a blend of natural and chemical fertilisers. For very hard soil, use specific fertilisers and constant tilling by shovel. Water the soil regularly.

Now your favourite and liberal part, buy plants from nursery. Pick up plants considering their colour, lifespan, required exposure of sunlight and the area of your garden. Choose flowers that are yet to flower for longevity with no yellowness or foliage.

Depending upon the growth pattern and spacing needs of the flowers, specify area for each flower. This marking of spaces is important for uninterrupted and flourishing growth of the flowers. Make sure you gather all this information beforehand from nursery. Dig deep holes for the roots to penetrate and hold the ground easily.

spring flowersDetach the plants easily from their containers and place them carefully in the holes. Ensure that the plant has enough support to hold the soil and stand independently. Secure each plant firmly by placing additional soil around the plant.

It’s time to be on guard and care for the seedlings like a baby. Watering plants is the first thing, which should be done on a regular basis depending upon the individual requirements of each plant. The ideal time for watering is early morning or late evenings so that sunlight should not cause any harm by reacting with the collected water. Keep an eye on the top layer of soil to ensure that it does not dry out. Insert your finger to check the required level of moisture in it. If it goes down easily, the soil has the required level of moisture.

Fertilizing is imperative for desired growth results. Fertilize your garden in required amount regularly according the manufacturer’s instructions. Watering has to go in hand with fertilizing to prevent any chemical burns to the plants.

Scrutinize the plant growth on a daily basis. If the plants show any negative signs then use preventive measures instantly as the plants are more prone to dangers at this stage. For any fungal or parasitic signs, use anti fungal spray. All the sprays must be used before sunrise or after sunset to prevent any harm to the plants because of the chemicals.

After care comes maintenance, which means no unwanted growth! Pull up all the weeds and all unwanted growth from the roots. You have to be a bit harsh with the plants put up by you. Nip off the old growth of the plant leading the new growth. Instead of pulling off the old growth, clip it off with scissors or clippers.

With these simple steps you will be able to get soothing and pleasurable air in spring. The plants at the beginning stage are like small babies who need every little care possible. Be patient and love them as they will return you more than this in sometime when the scorching sun will give you the worst. Happy gardening!


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