Don’t Kiss and Tell, Please!

Posted on Feb 03, 2013 by Sonali Chhabra

Now, that we live in a sexually liberated society, it seems only fair to say that parents can take a sigh of relief. They need not worry anymore about the ‘sex education’ for their kids, considering there is enough crude material available on a regular basis!

Discussing sex life and bedroom secrets seems to be the new normal, these days! A bunch of single “cool dudes” get together to catch up over a drink or two just to unwind and loosen up except that they end up indulging in salacious details about their sex lives and how they managed to “score-a-goal.” As demeaning as it sounds for the fairer sex, the men, on the other hand, are bloated with pride. Why just men? Even women have no inhibitions while sharing their most intimate details with their girlfriends. In fact, women can be way more candid while jabbering out their bedroom tales!

Interestingly, this makes me recall one of the episodes of a popular American series – How I Met pic 2Your Mother. In one of their classic episodes, they showed that Lily happens to discuss every little detail of her sex life with her best friend, Robin. When Lily’s husband, Marshal learns that his private life is not so private anymore, he panics and just cannot stop hallucinating about the two girlfriends discussing every ‘move’ he makes while doing “IT”. What a bummer! While the episode was ridiculously hilarious, however, in real life situation it can be really embarrassing and awfully awkward!

OKAY, here’s the thing. Firstly, it is utterly disrespectful to your partner if you openly gab about the intimacy that the two of you share. Secondly, initially it might interest your friends to hear about your steamy sexual experiences and juicy specifics. However, trust me, over time; even they would start finding the “too-much-information” as gross, distasteful and unwanted. I agree, sex talk is no longer a ‘taboo’ but you must know when to draw the line! Nobody really cares how sexually active you are in your personal life…so if you have been meaning to brag about it, you might want to reconsider! And, last but certainly not the least, if your partner learns about you revealing the sex details to your besties (Oh yeah, word of mouth spreads like a wild fire!), they would be highly disappointed in you for breaching their privacy. You would certainly not want to risk your partner’s faith in you over a worthless gossip!

What happens in bedroom should stay in bedroom. Period.


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