Don’t let your food go stale!

Posted on Jan 21, 2013 by Shagun Sharma

Good intentions but poor meal management”, the phrase haunted my mind for quite some time, until I found it’s relation to my life. I realised it was dominating and ruining my health as well.

We have stocks of healthy stuff in our fridge, but lack of time and management forces us to throw it at the rotten stage and opt for convenience but unhealthy stuff. Let’s get into form guys and not affect these rotting monsters play with our health and money:

buying food and planning storageBuying planning

Before you grab all the stuff at the store which catches your eye, you have to plan. Plan your week’s meal in advance so that you know what and what not to buy. Also keep an eye on the quantity of fresh food you need.

Accurate storage

Buying and then stocking everything is not just it. Proper storage of foods will ensure that it remains dense with nutrients for a longer time.

Storage tips

Use paper bags in place of plastic bags to store mushrooms. Plastic bags cause mushrooms to sweat and decay at a faster pace.

Never store garlic in fridge as it causes it to sprout and decay. Store it in a cool and dry spot in the kitchen.

Potatoes and onions generally share the same storage space. But to avoid dampness and early disposal of both, store them in separate spaces.

storing foodGenerally fruits and veggies with seeds like melons, capsicum or peppers are not consumed fully in one go. In that case, store the remaining part with seeds to prevent the food from dying out.

Store apples in plastic bags in fridge as room temperature softens the apple at a much quicker pace than refrigerator temperature.

Lettuce leaves should be washed, dried and stored in damp tea towel.

Eggs should never be stored in the fridge door. The coldest part of the fridge is where eggs should be found.

Freeze the cooked food

Lack of proper storage of cooked food makes it the decomposed meal of dustbin. Why not make it yours? Freeze all the cooked food items like soups, crushed fruits, fresh juices, mashed bananas and potatoes at high temperature. These food items retain their nutrient value at freezing temperature and make healthy meal with just reheating.

Let’s pledge guys, that we will not let poor meal management become a barrier to good health. Be smart, be wise and set the food right! Happy eating@ good management!


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