Dussehra: The Triumph of ‘Good’ over ‘Evil’

Predictions for May 24th, 2019
by Achrya M.Krishan Sharma
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The auspicious day of ‘Dussehra’ symbolises the beginning of a new era, where goodness prevails and evil succumbs to morality and righteousness. The day marks the end of an eminent scholar of ‘Vedas’ and ‘Shastras’, a great devotee and a righteous man who later was full of ego and immorality which resulted in his killing by Lord Ram.

Today is the best day of the year as per Indian astrology when all ‘yoginis’, ‘thithis’ and ‘kritus’ are placed favourably. Today, we can evoke the Ram ‘tatva’ inside us and kill the Ravaan ‘tatva’ which is the cause of all miseries. Raavan was the master of three ‘siddhis’ – ‘mahasaraswati’, ‘mahalaxmi’ and ‘mahakali’, he was a blessed devotee of Lord Shiv and this all led to ‘aham’ in him to an extent that he was very well aware, still not ready to accept Lord Ram as Lord Vishnu’s ‘avatar’. From this we all can derive a lesson that no matter how blessed one is, if he invites immoral practices and ego to be a part of his life, he will be doomed for sure.

Let us arouse the truth (Ram), which is permanent and kill the (Ravaan), the temporary us. Let us ignore the ‘maaya’ inside us and listen to the ‘satya’ which will become prominent with continuous practice.

Shravar Veda Tips to be followed on Vijaydashmai:

  • Those who are facing problems in their marriage should put honey, a square piece of silver, some seasame seeds (til), cloves (laung), cardamom (elaichi) in a red hankerchief/cloth piece and keep it under your pillow during the evening. While doing the same one should pray to Shree Ram and Mata Sita for blessings.
  • People who want to attain blessings from their respected deities should give ‘aahuti’ of ‘paan leaves’ with ‘laung’ inside throughout the night in the ‘hawan kund’ remembering and chanting the name of your revered God.
  • People who want prosperity and money to stay should fill a pot full of rice, put flowers, ‘akshatra’ and coins ( without counting the money or numbers)inside it and donate it in the morning. This should be practiced from Dusshera till Diwali. Maa Laxmi will bless you for sure.
  • For a wish to be fulfilled, take a colourful cloth of nearly half or one meter and write your wish on a ‘bhojpatra’ and put it at a sacred place in your house. Till Diwali pray every morning and evening for your wish.
  • Students who want their retention power to be increased or achieve success in exams should wash a crystal rosary (mala) with honey, milk, curd, loaf sugar (shakkar) and keep it near your books. Every night till Diwali pray to the rosary with camphor (kapuur) in between 7:30-9: 30pm and wrap it later in a yellow handkerchief.
  • People who are facing problems in constructing house on their land or the constructed house is facing problems in completion, should take five metals (panch dhatu), seven form of cereals (satnaja), ‘panchamrit’, cloth, ‘gaumootra’ money and bury it in the north direction of your land in the evening.

These are rare Shavar Veda tips which I am sharing with you. May you all empower your negativities with the blessings of Lord Ram and transform into your true self which is ‘Satya’. Happy Vijaydashmi.

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