Emerald Green-the colour of 2013!

Posted on Feb 03, 2013 by Shagun Sharma, Taakjhaak Editorial

Long time back on a birthday bash every liar present there complimented me, until one honest friend came up to me and said, “This pale yellow dress doesn’t suit you and seems like you are here out of compulsion.” I was shocked, it took me hours to finalize that yellow dress and I came by choice to my own birthday bash. But very soon I realised that he was right.

katemiddleton in emerald dress

It’s not just a colour that you wear; it’s your mood, your personality, your aura, your life that you wear. The fashion police each year conducts a survey, does a lot of R&D, becoming announcing the colour of the year.

The colour that matches the lively, radiant, lush and elegant spirit of 2013 is emerald green. Yes people, be it wedding, casual dressing, home decor or workstation, emerald green is the king of it all.

You are free to experiment as much as you want with this positive and energising colour to enhance your sense of well being, poise and synchronization. You can incorporate green in your personality simply by wearing a green dress or by adding dashes of green in bits to create a dramatic look. Also at your home and workplace tits and bits of green will make you go in tune with the colour of the year. Here’s a sneak to how:

emerald green office bagIf you are one of those kinds, who wants to follow a trend and yet keep mum, then you pick up a ring in emerald green, an office bag and get set go!

green purse and heelsFor those who love contrasting, wear a pair of green footwear with golden heels or buckle. Your walk will reveal the colour trend!

If not too much, then a phone cover/green pen/green spectacles, green file folder/green diary or green glass on your desk will express your update and love for the colour of 2013.

emerald-green-dress-For parties if you wish to stand out from the rest wearing it all green then pick up an ivory dress sequined in green for that eye catching look.

Yami gautam in printed green dressThere’s a lot beyond plain fabrics in emerald green. You can experiment with different prints. Look at the stunning gown carried by Yami Gautam for 19th Annual Colours Screen Awards. The emerald green in abstract print looks just amazing on Yami.

Beyonce in green earringsYou can stick to your favourite black and yet adopt the green of the year. Just glance at the remarkable style in which Beyonce brought out the ravishing emerald green with black outfit during inauguration festivities.

Robert Pattinson in green suitFor men who think they don’t have any choice to carry the colour of 2013, there’s a lot more than the horizon fixed by you. From wearing casual emerald green tees, you can wear trousers, ties, cuff links, and dial of the watch in green! Look at Robert Pattinson’s smashing idea of emerald green! Three hits for that!!!

green home interiorWho says if the colour of the year is emerald green then you have to undergo home make over? Green linen, candles, table top, cutlery, paintings, carpets, mirror, cushions or anything else that catches your interest around can be added to your house of 2013. Don’t overdo green to ensure that your house doesn’t look like the brand ambassador of global warming!

Who would have known that the colour of the year could be so delicious! Get on the task guys, go green, revive your vintage collection or go for a shopping spree!!!

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