For the love that never happened?

Posted on Jan 21, 2013 by Sonali Chhabra

“Whenever I catch a glimpse of HIM, I skip a heartbeat; whenever he needs my help, I present my selfless best to give him more than he asks for; whenever he needs a listening ear, I give him my undivided attention and yet I am just a friend.”

just friendsNo wonder girls are being crowned as ‘emotional fools’! For most girls, it starts off as a stupid crush with little or no realisation at all what are they about to walk into. The “love” at times tends to make otherwise smart and wise women, act ridiculous and makes them go a bit bonkers over the confused emotion.

Falling hard for someone who in no way is tempted to reciprocate, can actually take a lot out of you than you would have ever imagined. For the starters, you would turn yourself into an absolute joke by resorting to some of the creepiest behaviours. Finding pathetic excuses to call him even if he doesn’t bother to care, checking and re-checking texts the tenth time in the day, making yourself ‘available’ every time he calls, rearranging your plan just to accommodate your guy and worst of all scheming to run into him “by accident”. Don’t you see where this is going? You, despite being young, beautiful and independent woman, have dumb yourself down for a guy who is not even remotely interested in you! You are living in a self-created bubble of happiness and just refuse to see the reality.

man not interestedA facebook ‘like’ is not a signal, late night phone calls are just a part of trial and error for most people while dating, a compliment is a friendly gesture and nothing more, and it is definitely not official until the guy says so. It would be in your best interest to not read too much into things. Love needs to be a two-way street. If it’s not, it simply messes with your head and turns you into a compulsive emotional love seeker.

There are no rules for dating. But, for the love of God, can you just stop overdoing, already! HE IS JUST NOT INTO YOU. Yes, that’s what you need to hear. If a guy is interested in you, he would make sure that you know it. And, if he does not express himself out and loud, take a hint and sense the tone – he has not fallen for you, darling. The sooner you realise that, the better it is. Don’t put yourself out there because it would mean nothing to him. He may appreciate the effort but it cannot make him fall in love with you.

C’mon girls, you can do better than that. You are beautiful, amazing and sometimes, it just takes the right guy to see that. If you ask me, you do not even need a man to tell that. So, instead of holding on to something that did not work; just dust yourself up, hold your head high, chin up and walk tall. Oh, and don’t forget to wear that gorgeous smile. You never know, your Mr. Right might be just around the corner.

Stay Fabulous!


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