‘Guest’ yourself too!!!

Posted on Jan 26, 2013 by Devika Sharma

“Nah-ah! Don’t you dare touch that crockery for guests.That’s not for our use…”

How many times have we heard this dialogue till our teenage? How many times have we screamed this very dialogue to our children? Hmmm, the counts are endless.

Use your expensive crockery frequentlyThe other day I was watching ‘Friends’ on TV where Ross asks a question – “Into how many categories, does Monica categorize her towels?” This actually made me think deep into my own self, this is what exactly I used to do with my glass ware and cutlery. The fact is we have various categories of guests decided in our minds and our collection of our table ware, glass-ware and cutlery divided accordingly. I can bet there is some fancy cutlery or set of table napkins lying somewhere deep in your cupboards, dinner-wagon or store, which has never seen the daylight ever since it crossed your threshold. It has been long pining for that VVIP to bestow you with her presence at your house. Sorry to disappoint you my friend, but Her Highness may never really able to take time out from her over busy schedule to pay a very short visit where you would be able to display your artifact cutlery, tea sets, dinner-sets etc etc.

I once visited my friend for an impromptu pot lock. Whilst I was setting the table at her place, I realised that I could not see the normal steel thalis/plates on her utensil rack. The dinner was simple so I presumed we’d be using the normal steel plates as we normally do at our homes. To my surprise, it was well stocked with stylish cutlery and chinaware. Being the inquisitive sort, I pointed at the china. Her ideology changed my perspective towards this inhibition which I had in my life till then. She said, “Why do I need to only make guests feel special, when I can do the same for myself as well. I’m working donkey hard for the money to make my life comfortable and enjoy the privileges. If I don’t learn to make myself feel special, how will I make my guests feel the same”? This really made me think that what she had said was absolutely right. After all, we work hard to be special and we all want to be treated in some special way. So why not begin it at our home.


Using good crockery even at homeBesides pampering yourself with china and glassware, it is also important for our children to learn to be careful in using these things. How many times have you threatened your children in your car or outside someone’s doorstep about not to behave like a bull in a china shop/hurricane in the city, leaving everything shattered and broken that comes in their way? If you make your children familiar with delicate and special and of course, expensive items habitual by being careful about using these things, they won’t become a source of embarrassment at others place. They need to be exposed to such society manners. They would know how to handle fragile things.

Use your ‘not so expensive’ crockery at your home, at least once a week to begin with. Make your Saturday dinners a special occasion for your family. Cook something nice, change the linen and table mats. Replace your steel plates and bowls with some fancy crockery. Children would not only enjoy the change but also get to learn to use these things. So, next time when you take them out for dinner or go to your friend’s/boss’s place, you would feel more confident about your children.

Take out the stuff you received at your wedding and start using it. Don’t wait for that day to display your so called ‘new’, actually old crockery when the ladka-waalas come to your house seeking your daughter’s hand and you serve in that old fashioned stuff but proudly. Times change and so does the crockery style. Make yourself feel special today.Guest yourself too.


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2 thoughts on “‘Guest’ yourself too!!!

  1. Jyoti Singh

    Very simple and elegantly written article, yet so true in all its senses. I am taking the privilege of adding my view point to the whole idea.The article subtly takes us to something which we often do in real life…”CATEGORIZE”. Whether it is something as simple as our glassware/ China or something as important as the people who surround us. We make different rule sets, ideologies and classify people into different strata. We keep changing ourselves when we be with these different “Strata”.As rightly pointed in this article the Mantra is to “ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE YOURSELF”.

  2. Vina Sharma

    After reading the article I decided to check up my collection. And to my own surprise I found things which I had bought and forgotten! Some of them were worth showing off to the dignitaries. It was the case of out of sight, out of mind.


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