Happily Unmarried!

Posted on Jan 16, 2013 by Sonali Chhabra

‘Kudi da vyaah karo hun’, so says biji, tayiji, chachiji and all the ‘worried’ aunties and grannies of my family. Off late, my ‘single’ status seems to be the talk of the house and all the social gatherings leaving no choice for me but smile and smartly escape the uncomfortable discussion. Oh did I mention, all of a sudden, there are way too many people who wish to play a ‘cupid’ in my life. After all, the “yet unmarried” status seems to have triggered the question WHY?

single and unmarriedWhere many of my cousins and friends are getting married, too many eyes have turned to me saying “ab tera number hai”. And, you know, the cherry on the cake… the reason that I am fed with is that you are now in the “perfect age bracket”. Yeah, right. And, I thought there are bigger reasons to get married, silly me! This is a classic manoeuvre in an Indian home setting to get the girls hustle into marriage. Oh not to forget, the torture that we are put through when the aunties lecture and dish out stories to convince you of the advantages of a ‘timely marriage’, if you know what I mean!

single girlThis is just not it. The discussion is taken to a whole different level altogether when the oldies of the house candidly ask “tera koi boyfriend hai kya”? Oh God, give me a break! What happened to the urban upbringing where girls are given an equal say as the sons of the house? In the wake of a cosmopolitan makeover of the society (well, almost), don’t you think a girl’s career and financial independence should also be given some consideration? When the question of the son’s marriage arises, surprisingly, there is a universal response, “pehle kaam toh set ho jaye”. Double standards and hypocrisy are so deep-seated in our society that it has almost become our natural tendency to bend rules and twist the norms as per our convenience.

Career WomanBeing a career-driven professional, I am entitled to a right to call the shots. Not that the stay-at-home-girls can’t have that privilege, but, it is less likely that they will be ‘heard’ considering their daddies would want to find them a ‘Richie Rich’ business magnate. Anyway, the point is, marriage is not something that can be hurried into. I would personally want to take my own sweet time and so do most of the girls and take the plunge whenever we feel it’s the ‘perfect time’. Thankfully, my parents have been exceptionally supportive of that…phewww!

It does not take the right age but the right partner to make for a great marriage. And, till the time I don’t find one, let’s just say I am happily unmarried and single by choice!


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