Horoscope 28th November, 2012

Predictions for June 24th, 2019
by Achrya M.Krishan Sharma
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Will be tensed without reason. May lose some money. Some secret tension may surround you. Travel on the cards.
Put honey and green on mango leaves and put them in a flowing water.
Lucky Number:1 Unlucky Number:7 Lucky Colour:Green


Spouse will give happiness. Sibling may face some tension. Arguments will be on a rise. Neighbours will be too demanding. A pending work will be finished. New ways to earn money.You may be a victim of some controversy.
Put sindoori tilak and gau lochan on forehead.
Lucky Number:2 Unlucky Number:6 Lucky Colour:Red


Blood related problem may arise. Spouse will be supportive. Money will be invested somewhere. Beware of hidden enemies. May have arguments with friends.Family tension on a rise.
Have curd and sugar mix sweet in a bowl of silver/glass.
Lucky Number:8 Unlucky Number:2 Lucky Colour:Saffron


A good news on the cards. Children will bring happiness. New business plans will be made. Enemies will be weak. Opposite sex will give benefit in business.May travel abroad or plan the same.
Keep three laungs and three elaichis with you.
Lucky Number:5 Unlucky Number:7 Lucky Colour:Sky blue


Success on the rise in sports and business. Everyone around you will be awestruck seeing you. May buy new clothes. Will speak good words today.
Donate a black blanket or bury some coal in the ground today.
Lucky Number:5 Unlucky Number:4 Lucky Colour:Blood Red


Rise in excitement. Earning will be on a rise. Friends will be supportive. Will have to take a loan today. Property will give benefits.New avenues for business. May get some mental tension.
Throw handfull of rice in all four directions on a chauraha.
Lucky Number:8 Unlucky Number:3 Lucky Colour:Chocolate


Health will be fine. Money will go in other hands. Will meet good people today. May plan to buy a new vehicle. Will feel relaxed and tension free.Someone may try to insult you. Incentive on the cards.
Have meetha paan before leaving the house today.
Lucky Number:3 Unlucky Number:8 Lucky Colour:Beige


Loan will end today.Will visit good places today. Tension will vanish for today. Will rise in partnership. May have stomachache. You will listen to your criticism today. Children may go far off for job or studies.
Leave seven yellow flowers in a ganpati temple.
Lucky Number:4 Unlucky Number:9 Lucky Colour:Sea green


May fear some trouble. Be careful with enemies. Money loss on the cards. Spouse will be supportive.May fight with friends. Do not keep sharp objects as they may harm you.
Keep Dhroova grass with you.
Lucky Number:2 Unlucky Number:1 Lucky Colour:Yellow/Golden


Family tension may arise.You may receive some legal document which will bring tension. Iron may bring benefits. Be patient with your own people as you may enter a fight with them. May rethink about business or job.
Take seven types of flour, mix shakkar and keep it at a chauraha or offer it to flowing water.
Lucky Number:7 Unlucky Number:5 Lucky Colour:Light Green


Anger on a rise. Family tension on a rise. Enemies will be strong. Stay away from arguments. Children will be supportive.Change in business.
Offer mustard oil on Shani idol.
Lucky Number:1 Unlucky Number:9 Lucky Colour:Blue


Fight for some property. Money will be invested. Do not give gurantee of anybody. New work will bring tensions so do not plan in partnership. Plan work with meak or less experienced people. Someone may betray you.
Offer wheat to fishes.
Lucky Number:9 Unlucky Number:2 Lucky Colour:White

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