I am locked out of heaven!!!

Posted on Jan 21, 2013 by Arun Koul

It was 14th March 1987, sometime around 1 am at night; sorry can’t give you the exact time. Because no one kept note of the exact minutes and seconds when he was born, but what we know for sure is that he became a Piscean.

pisces symbolFrom the day he was born, he became a part of this unique group of people who are symbolised by “Fish”, governed by “Neptune”, and have their lucky days as Thursdays and Mondays and 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25, 30, 34, 43, 52 as their lucky numbers. He even got his lucky colours, lucky stones and also his compatibility with other unique groups symbolised by a crab,a lion,a ram, an archer and 7 others were sealed. This kiddo was yet to open his eyes, yet he was locked out of heaven!!!

So ladies and gentlemen what’s your Sun sign? What does your horoscope say for today? Are your stars aligned in that perfect configuration, so that you can finally make that pending move to express your love, to buy that piece of land, to start that new business? But hold on, not so fast. You still have to check the sun sign of the person you like; you still have to find if there is a luckier day in future for starting the business and if there would be an even better planetary alignment for buying that 12 Marla piece of land.

pandit jiAfter all our fates were decided the day we were born. We were captured by Mangal, Shani and party and till we die, we can run, we can hide but we can’t escape their love/ wrath. I last heard some people (scientists) are planning to visit our beloved Mars/ Mangal. May be we can send a panditji along, if he performs a mass havan there, may be everyone’s mangal dosh will be over for ever. After all we are giving it a strong personal touch. But will any Panditji get ready and dare to go where no one has gone before. I really doubt it. So really sorry folks!!No community washing of mangal dosh!! Instead of letting Mangal get a personal touch, our friendly neighbourhood panditji will prefer giving you all a personal opinion on your planetary woes. There are no shortcuts, Mangal, Shani work in their mysterious ways.

We are descendants of apes, so says Mr Charles Darwin. People who disagree with this statement, I have strong objections with you. We are definitely the descendants of apes, because we ape the beliefs passed on to us without showing even an iota of doubt. We have doctors,engineers, architects, professors, managers, all of them opening the Daily Horoscope page of the newspaper, websites and reassuring themselves for the day. But In the process have we ever asked how stars, planets actually affect us? Does Mangal really have a personal interest in your daughter’s marriage or is it just the 4th planet cluelessly following an elliptical orbit around sun, because sun is huger than it and has a strong gravitational pull over Mangal. Oops gravity?? star-signsWe have read about that in physics, but come on!! Linda Goodman can’t be wrong; she has predicted my characteristics so beautifully, in her description of my star sign. We all Pisceans of this planet earth are the same. We all get lucky on the same day. We all meet our beloved when the horoscope says, “Today love is in the air”.

In all this heavenly hokum I have just one request. We have been privileged to get good education; we have not had to suffer the ignorance which our previous generations were subjected to due to lack of resources. But with great powers come great responsibilities, we owe it to our next generations, to free them from the clutches of planets and stars. They should look at them with curiosity, with an urge to may be land a rocket on a planet, to may be sending a probe to a star. They should not be searching for the friendly neighbourhood Panditji, to calm their Shani. Most of us need reassurances, but let our karma be a reassurance, not a funky planet in our solar system or a star constellation some 20 million light years away.

So hopefully 14 Th March 2087, when a child is born, hope no one bothers to call him a Piscean. Hope people just let him be free, not locked out of heaven !!!


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