Is heart break really important for a Rockstar?

Posted on Feb 13, 2013 by Shagun Sharma

In this mush mush Valentine week of February, I am suddenly reminded of Ranbir Kapoor’s character from Rockstar. I remember how he was made to realise the importance of heart break in the journey of becoming a great star!

In another minute I am reminded of the role played by Varun Dhawan in SOTY, who in the end becomes a rockstar. His entry in the movie in the hospital again made me realise that he has been through a lot of pain.

Ranbir Kapoor as rockstarThe only question that crops up in my impossible mind is-Is heart break really important? Is it true what the people are saying that to become a great rockstar you need to feel the pain of the separation. “Dil mein dard hoga tabhi to awaz aur sur mein tadap sunai degi”, I find this common piece of advice for aspiring rockstars useless. How it is that pain of a heart break will make you a great rockstar? It’s a request to all those people who have been are giving this piece of advice to please stop. I have seen people dying due to the unbearable depression as a result of heartache. So please try and understand the disastrous consequences if things don’t go the way you are projecting!

There are ways better than heartache to make you a successful person. If you get the right support from the love of your life, I think you can give shape to miracles. Come on guys, don’t you remember those days when you used to get nightmares due to examination fear and just a lovable pat from your mother made you stronger, and you would face the examination with courage. This is the magic that love can create in your life. Just imagine a life where you have a better half with you supporting in whatever you need, helping you face everything, giving you that warmth of love! Do you think when you will have someone like that by your side, you will ever fail? Even if you stumble on a wrong block, your better half will always be there to help you stand with confidence again.

I agree that at times there are certain arguments between couples which make you feel like hell. But when you are going through that, just sit back and think is the argument bigger than the love you’ve been getting? I am sure that the answer would be NO! As I always say, good things always come with little compromises.

Guys, this is Valentine week, go and confess to the love of your life what do you feel. Get this feeling out of your head that arguments are bigger than love and pain is better for a becoming a rockstar. Without love you might be able to survive, but you can’t live and support is any day better than pain. And my friends life is worth living. Happy Valentine week!



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