Is it cool to be a ‘Mahatma’?

Posted on Oct 02, 2012 by Taakjhaak Editorial

Here it comes, National Holiday for every Indian, the ‘dry day’ for some and a long weekend continued for many. The occasion is nothing less than the birthday of the father of our independence struggle, the great man who used the potent weapon of ahimsa to excellence. You have the salute of every Indian Bapu… !

2nd October is here again, the birthday of a prodigy, Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi, a man with an ordinary upbringing but with extraordinary traits. From being one of the biggest politicians and undisputable leader of the masses, how he became ‘The Father of the Nation’ (no actual fact available as when this title was bestowed upon him) and a ‘Mahatma’,is a long journey full of trials, tribulations, allegations and dispute. But the man still remains most wanted by all countrymen. Even if they do not carry the photograph of their most loved ones, his smiling picture is always there with them (on our currency notes of course) making him, the lucky charm for the ones who have him in abundance.

A man who always insisted on being not a visionary but a practical idealist, has been under careful scrutiny (even after his death) on his vision by generations in a row, which indicates that he led a life full of controversies. Whether they have researched and read about Gandhji on their own, or heard about his life and contribution from people, there are only two categories you can classify such people under – strong supporters or big critics (the third category being only worried about their daily bread and butter).Right from his favouritism and stubbornness, his ideologies and implementations, his command and conduct, every action of his has been under strict inspection till date.

Let’s accept that his approach was rational, ethical and selfless. He should be given due reverence for being the man on whose one ‘call’ the literate, illiterate, powerful, weak, children, old, women, men, sick, strong, rather each and every Indian was ready to move out on the roads against the British. They voluntarily did so without even knowing or understanding fully, what the struggle for freedom will lead to; or what turmoils in the form of physical punishments they will be made to go through.

Gandhiji deserves admiration for preaching what he practiced, from non-cooperation to non-violence – from leading the masses from the front to standing and staying with them till his last. When the whole world is adopting his practical ideologies, it has taken a huge time for our own country to realise and work in the direction of decentralisation of power, education based on vocational training, women empowerment, literacy and so many other social, economical and political issues which this practical man propagated long time ago. People, who claim him to be selfish, should never forget that had he been selfish, we would have known all his family members by name and the powers they would have had in designing the country could have been immense.

Today, as we remember him, we should try and put ourselves into his shoes and see how difficult it is to be a ‘Mahatma’ (we saw our MunnaBhai left alone following Gandhigiri, Anna Hazare leaving his own revolution in between, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Medha Patker all being supporters of satyagraha but facing immense opposition). Talking about ourselves, whenever we try the fair route, the voyage becomes tough…So welcome the thought whole heartedly; non- violence and truth are indeed, the weapons of the strong.

Let us leave Mahatma Gandhi alone on his birthday, resting happily in peace because no matter what decisions we take today as individuals, for ourselves or for our coming generations, after 20, 30 or 40 years it will definitely be under scrutiny and maybe we will also not be admired for many and accused for some choices like Gandhiji is till date (Thank God!!!! WE ARE NOT ‘Mahatmas’ otherwise we would have been only left shattered to discover, how we are being judged on each and every action).

He was truly a wise man who did have some insights into his future, which is why, in one of his discourses he said, “I have conceived no such thing as Gandhism. I am not an exponent of any sect. I Never claimed to have originated any philosophy.”

Cool move Bapu… Happy Birthday!!!! RIP

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