John Abraham will not act in Satya 2

Posted on Mar 02, 2013 by Taakjhaak Editorial

How surprising it is that just two months after a very pompy merger of John and Satya 2 we get to hear that the actor is no more a part of it. What makes this break up more to the news is the absence of any specific solidifying reason for it.

John Abraham not in Satya -2The sources have to say that when John heard about the concept of Satya 2, he was more than excited to be a part of the venture. “John heard the concept of Satya 2 through a mutual friend and he expressed interest. When I met him and we spoke at length I was amazed at his insights into the characters when I gave him a detailed narration of Satya 2. It’s purely our mutual excitement about the subject matter which is making us collaborate”, these were the words of the writer for Satya 2, when the two joined hands for the movie.

But we fail to understand that what went so wrong that John is no longer the star for Satya 2. The apparent reason given for this is that John could not see “eye to eye” with Ramu. A very close source from the movie has told us, “When John heard Ramu was making a sequel to Satya, he was immediately enamoured of the idea of revisiting those iconic characters from the first film. But soon John realized the Satya sequel has no connection whatsoever with the first film. That’s where the differences started. The two of them decided to part ways rather than work on different pages for the same project.”

Where we have got nothing from John about this professional break up, Ramu has admitted it and said, “John is not a part of the production. But the film has already started shooting and is about 30% complete. Satya 2 is slated for an early June release.”

Well, all we can say here is that as we can’t expect to see John and Bipasha together now, similar is going to be the case between John and Ramu now!


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