Let roses speak for you on Valentine’s Day!

Posted on Feb 14, 2013 by Shagun Sharma

On the special day of love made exclusively only for lovers, what comes to your mind to give to your loved ones? Roses are the first choice of every lover when it comes to gifting on Valentine’s, after all roses are a universal symbol of love!

Do you know you can convey all your desires with roses? In fact it is the weapon of shy people to express what they can’t say in words. If you have a really hard time deciding what colour of the rose expresses your feelings the best, here is the guide for you:

Due to the immense variety of colours available in the choice of roses, you are free to choose the one that jells with your personality and relationship.


Red Rose - the expression of loveWithout much say, Red is exclusively the colour of love. Te reflects passion, love and desire! A bunch of red roses will tell your partner that your heart is in his hands!


Orange is the colour of enthusiasm and fascination. It is the perfect colour of the for the day if your partner has been going through hard times to cheer him up and brighten his day!


Peach is the symbol of sincerity. If your relationship has been going through tough times then a bouquet of peach roses will convey your apologies and make up for all that has gone bad.


purple rose and their essence
Coral rose is a strong expression of desire. If you have been really coy in bringing out your desires then why not use coral roses for that!


Purple rose is a symbol of care. So go ahead and tell the love of your life, how much you care for him with magical purple roses!


Pink is the colour of gratification and appreciation. If you are so overwhelmed by the way your partner has made you feel special on this day, give him a bouquet of dark pink roses to thank him.


yellow rose and its meaningFor all those who have just started their journey of love via friendship, you know yellow is your colour!


There are times when you feel like gifting something to the people who have started their new life together. White roses, the symbol of purity and innocence are a perfect fit to gift!

Add a twist to your joyful flowers. Try putting in some pop ups in the basic bouquets in the form of some other flowers, or paper backs or even classy vases! Select the right rose for the message you want to convey and you will certainly add the insight of hues to the depth of your love. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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