Love,Rejections and Marketing!!

Posted on Jan 16, 2013 by Arun Koul

Let’s start with defining love. Dictionary says it’s a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. Rejection quite simply is when this person, for whom you have profoundly tender, passionate affection, gives you a big “NO”. Marketing is quite simply the set of activities, which one undertakes to woo the person, for whom one has profoundly tender, passionate affection.
love and rejection

For our convenience let’s use the word “love”, for describing “profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person”. I am sure this will come as a big relief to you all by now. So I have given you the definitions, I am yet to give you the big picture. The big picture is, “Love is no more blind”. Love has acquired eyes and boy it can see it all. The poems, the letters, chatting are no longer enough. You need something extra, something that elevates you from the hoi polloi of “amateur lover” to a smarter “Professional Lover”.

Now you will ask why am I corrupting love. Love is so pure. Love is tranquillity. Love is like God talking to us. Well I agree, but I have 4 words for you, “Remember your last breakup”. Now suddenly love is not so pure, it’s not at all tranquil (you still are recovering from the last shock) and no it was not God talking to us, it was devil’s work. Suddenly in the world of emoticons, we became a Semi colon O from a Semi Colon P. Oh come-on!! It’s not even that bad!!

love handlingWhat I propose to give you are small insights from the world of Marketing and help you handle Love and Rejections. Well first let’s make a few radical assumptions. You no longer think of your self as a Suitor. Think of yourself as a product/Offering. Consider the person for whom you have profoundly tender, ok ok I meant whom you love (don’t make faces), as a consumer. So let’s now try and understand will he/ she buy you? I mean if you are a deodorant would she use you? If you are that bag of chips, would she eat you? If she is allergic to deodorants, you stand no chance, if she thinks that packet of chips makes her put on weight, trust me!! you stand no chance.

And this is the moment where we bring in the evil word “Rejection”. So if you make the above given simple association test, try and understand what you stand for, what the person you like stands for, if you try to understand factors such as each others economic background (trust me this is one of the clinchers) in short your compatibility, more than half the work is done. But if you follow no such advice and instead try to be the proverbial lover, chances are your love story will end up like “Heer Ranjha”, “Romeo Juliet”. But the sad part is these people never met, they died.

So dear friends, we have principles of marketing for rescue. Market yourself well, but more importantly choose the right person, whom you try to woo. A misfit relation in today’s fast paced life rarely works, people today lack patience and move on faster than instant noodles. So be a bit wise and “Love Safe”.




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