Making Your Bathrooms Attractive

Posted on Feb 22, 2013 by Devika Sharma, Taakjhaak Editorial

Are you tired of the same old look of your bathroom? Want to change the look of your bathroom and make it an attractive feature of your house? Here’s how you can revamp your bathrooms without spending too much money.

adding light to ur bathroomBrightening up your bathroom needn’t be a costly or time consuming affair. With a little imagination and effort you can bring life to this lack-lustre room. We need not rip apart each and every tile, sanitary fitting or faucet while redecorating the bathroom. You can change one or two things (based on your priority). For example, floor coverings or lights can be redone. Changing the colour scheme of your bathroom also helps. Go in for your favourite ones. Bright colours add life to your bathroom. If you feel your tiles or the colour scheme are fine and don’t need a change, think of the other accessories you can work on. Replace, add or remove the things you want. Think over it for a week or two. Make a list of things you can do for your bathroom. Be careful not to go on some impulsive shopping spree. Things bought impulsively may not be useful for your bathroom, or may not even go well with the co-ordinated look of your bathroom.

Change in the look of your bathroom can be temporary or a permanent one. For a quick and temporary change, replace the towels, shower curtain or bath-screen. You can put new toilet seat covers and foot mats in place of the old ones. Adding an artificial plant, flowers or painting can add to the beauty. Add character with a themed collection: shells, marbles, scented candles or coloured glass to make an attractive display. Replacing soap dispensers and soap dishes with new ones can also help.

redecorating BathroomIf revamping your bathroom involves some change in the sanitary ware, floor or wall tiles, be careful to select the right kind. Anti-skid ceramic tiles are the best for the bathroom. Unpolished stone flooring can be put in if you are looking for a rustic look. The market is flooded with innumerable colours, textures and combinations. The size of the room should be kept in mind. Go in for lighter shades if the bathroom is too small. Practicalities are equally important as aesthetics. Add a non-slip finish on the base of the bath. Place mats where the floor gets slippery. Install a childproof medicine cabinet if necessary. You can even fix a hand rail on the wall close to your bathing area. This is especially useful for elders in the house. If space is a major problem in your bathroom, make use of the area under the WB. Make cabinets (with water proof coating) below your WB. Mount the mirror on a cabinet, above the WB. Overhead shelves are also a good place to keep towels, accessories etc. Fix the hang rail for towels parallel to the depth of the basin, rather than mounting it on one wall. This saves a lot of space and it is a practical solution. The height of this hang rail should be the same for the rim of the basin. Install an exhaust fan, if condensation is a major problem. To make your bathrooms look large, panel a wall or two with full length mirrors.

redecorating your bathroomIf required, replace sanitary ware and faucets. Personally I feel, one should go in for the neutrals – whites and creams, for sanitary ware. Firstly they blend well with almost everything and secondly, if you wish to change the look of your bathroom again, at least your coloured sanitary ware wouldn’t stand out. Install good and reputed brands of faucets. Repair the plumbing and drainage points regularly.

One of the easiest ways of adding colour and character is with attractive window treatments. Venetian or Roman blinds are practical solution for bathroom windows. You can use a nice and bright printed fabric/waterproof curtain for your windows. Good lighting is also important. Do not ignore the safety measures. Wiring and electrical points should be installed by a professional. Never compromise on quality when your safety is concerned. Try being creative by putting down-lighters or those filmy make-up room style bulbs around a mirror. Fluorescent tubes concealed behind translucent panels can be installed on the ceiling.

Make your bathrooms as attractive as any other room in your house. Ideas and innovations in your little own personal space can definitely give you a cheerful day to look forward to. Start a fresh day with a fresh and cheerful start. Starting with your bathroom.



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