Mere Yaar ki shaadi hai

Posted on Jan 23, 2013 by Arun Koul

First things first, the title refers to the famous song and not to the namesake movie. Movie was rather bad, so let’s not mention it here. I did not add “Aaj” before the title and that’s ironic, as it’s been 10 months since completing my MBA and it seems, one or other of my friends is getting married almost every day. Facebook, our generation’s official messenger /photo album/ event manager, keeps us all up to date with the latesht (sic) happening in Marrieville. It’s wonderful to see them dressed in all royalty but there is just one problem out here.

Bachelor party in IndiaYour friend’s marriage also becomes a test of your loyalty. “So weren’t we that great friends, you didn’t attend my marriage?” This is what I feel all my friends must be thinking, whose marriages I couldn’t attend. Before we go any further, please don’t reach to the conclusion that I am boycotting friend’s marriages. Let me give you a glimpse of my calendar for year 2013. I am attending around 12 marriages, all of my friends. This year of marriages will take me to all parts of the country. Starting with Rajasthan, Baraati Bus carries me to Chandigarh, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bhopal, Bangalore and Ahmedabad just to give you an idea. In a nut shell I can officially update travelling as a hobby now.

friend's weddingBut the irony is there is this evil monstrosity, called Job and even more devilish thug called Boss. Your boss just doesn’t seem to have any friends. He in god’s name just doesn’t get invited to any of his friend’s weddings. He is always there in that cabin of his, seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, hours into days but he is still inside. He doesn’t seem to like, me attending my friend’s marriages. Is he jealous of people getting married or is he jealous of me having fun? Well that’s debatable and maybe we can leave my boss for another day. Then my Bank Account is this non-renewable source of energy, which just won’t replenish on time and there goes the air ticket flying out of the window and with it the chance to make it for the marriage in Ranchi.

friend's weddingBut all said and done, its real sad not attending your friend’s wedding, I mean though missing bachelors’ party is a bigger tragedy, but still the point is , I wish for some reforms , which will enable us attend all our friends marriages. My first wish is hope they could all, decide on a common date and place to get married. It won’t be tough guys, you can choose a central location and we can have a Facebook poll on that. We can get a retired Supreme Court judge, to ensure fairness. Then another thing we can do is get expenses incurred on attending friend’s marriages under Section 80C and get tax rebates. Trust me it suddenly opens a lot of money and I can see that air ticket flying in back from the window. We can also have in laws sponsoring Top 5 friends of bride and groom to attend their friend’s marriages.

Most of all what we require, is our friends also becoming friend’s with our boss. That will solve almost everything. Just imagine you and your boss going together to attend a friend’s wedding. You no more have to come up with a stupid manufactured illness. For god’s sake I have already succumbed to malaria, jaundice, fractures, multiple fractures, arterial sclerosis and my favourite, fever. I have no idea what arterial sclerosis mean, though it worked (wink).

So my dear friend’s, I have given it all to see you, meeting your match made in heaven. And to those for whom I couldn’t come, trust me heavens conspired with my boss and bank account and air ticket fairs. Oh! just saw a new event created on face book. “Ghoda” oops Mr Sharma is getting married, but no worries this one’s happening in my city only. Hallelujah!!


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