Mesmerising Beauty and Tranquility of Leh Ladakh

Posted on Oct 26, 2012 by Taakjhaak Editorial

‘Vacation’ – the word invokes a desire for cultural, spiritual, and adventurous recreation. A break from the routine, and a chance to rejuvenate your soul and body! Vacations connote refreshing change, an opportunity for the body to replenish and repair itself. Vacations are boosters for higher positive emotional levels and reducers of depression. Despite being a break from routine and work, vacations also prompt the mind to function efficiently.

An ideal vacation spot is one that provides you a complete physical and spiritual rejuvenating experience for soul and the body. For the optimum utilization of vacations, indulge in multiple leisure activities to enjoy life and health benefits. Choose a spot for your vacation which should provide you with versatile recreational activities like camping, trekking, party, shopping, music and much more.

When it comes to the best adventurous and soothing travel destination, Leh Ladakh is simply the storehouse of adventure. Time spent in Ladakh has its own taste and meaning. Ladakh has everything that an adventure freak might be groping for. It has so much in store that you might find it difficult to experience it all in a few days and might decide spending your life there..!

Leh, the capital of Ladakh is located at a height of 3505 meters towards the eastern part of Jammu and Kashmir.

How to get to Leh Ladakh – You can reach Leh Ladakh via air route or land route. The land route distances to Leh are given below:
Delhi to Leh – 993 Km
Manali to Leh – 466 Km
Srinagar to Leh – 424 Km
Kargil to Leh – 285 Km
Deskit (Nubra Valley) to Leh – 118 Km

Besides land travel, there are options for air travel as well from Jammu, Srinagar, Chandigarh and Delhi. Many of the major airlines operate flights to Leh from each of the aforesaid destinations.

Ladakh has high mountain ranges, deep valleys, scenic trails, lakes, trekking, wildlife all waiting for you! The best time to visit Ladakh is June end to September. It offers a large variety of adventure options ranging from Yak Safari, Camel Safari, Mountain climbing, trekking, cycling, river rafting, jeep safari and much more!

Before setting out to explore Leh Ladakh, it is strongly advised that you should equip yourself with some basics necessities and knowledge:
1. Drink and keep adequate amount of water with you
2. Ensure that you are physically fit for the adventure
3. Always keep a first aid box ready
4. Learn all the basics from a professional instructor to avoid any kind of risk
5. For those safari trips; don’t compromise on the quality of the vehicle you choose
6. Keep a track of the climate
7. Keep a magnetic compass with you to avoid losing the track of the way you want to be on
8. To avoid the chances of dizziness, nausea, fatigue or shortness of breath, take rest at regular intervals.
9. Carry your basic necessities from the base camp only as not much would be available on your adventure route.
10. Keep your entire stuff in water resistant bags, as the temperature of Leh Ladakh is very unpredictable.

Have you ever thought of sitting in a vehicle moving uphill, with its ignition turned off! Leh Ladakh provides you with this magnetic experience on its amazing Magnetic Hill. You can experience the unbelievable here, by sitting in your vehicle, turning its engine off and still feeling it moving uphill at a speed of 20 km/h. Such a thrilling experience!

When you are done with the adventure tours and wish for some solace, Ladakh has so much to offer. You can enjoy peace in the beautiful monasteries here. These monasteries are beautiful sights, symbolic of reincarnation of the divine, and a source of great knowledge and wisdom. Various monasteries one can visit are Sankar Gompa, Leh Palace, Hemis Gompa, Shey Monastery, Stok Palace, Phugtal Gompa, Zongkhul Monastery, Stakana Monastery, Cave Monastery and Shanti Stupa.

Ladakh is not just about its wilderness and monasteries; it has in it everything that qualifies a place worth living. There are proper restaurants, shopping arcades, eating joints and discotheques. After exploring the extraordinary things in Ladakh you can have a taste of the metro life as well.
If you are lucky enough to arrive in time for the celebrations, then you can also experience the beautiful and unique festivals of Leh Ladakh.

The festivals celebrated in Ladakh include Losar, Hemis festival, Ladakh harvest festival, Dosmoche festival, Tak Tok festival, Ladakh festival, and Sindhu Darshan. All these festivals are colorful occasions; full of dance-drama and other performances symbolizing various aspects of the divine. Besides being occasions of fun and merry, these festivals provide a chance for spiritual enlightenment as well!

With all the colors of adventure, peace, fun and frolic incorporated into one; visiting this vast piece of land surrounded by high peaks, trisected by swift snow becomes a once in a lifetime experience. The real lovers of nature always find it an abode of heaven and love to visit it time and again to have that rich, bountiful experience. So get ready folks, pack your bags and set out on this amazing venture! Bon Vogaye!!

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