Mishap on set, puts Ram Leela shooting to halt

Posted on Feb 28, 2013 by Taakjhaak Editorial

Evil eyes seem to have set their gaze on the Raam Leela. People are wondering is it work of some modern Ravana! Lol

Ram Leela What is making people go gag a about this Ravana legend, is the latest update from the sets of the upcoming movie Ram Leela. The news reports the shooting of Ram Leela to be closed down till March 9. This decision has been taken by the maker of the movie, Sanjay Leela Bhansali because of the mishap that took place on the set of Ram Leela lately.

Recently, during the shooting of the movie, the cinematographer of the movie, Ravi Varman met with an accident in Film city, Goregaon. In the process of placing the camera in the corner, he slipped and received some serious injuries. Ravi Varman is undergoing treatment for his injuries in Chennai.

The entire cast and crew of the movie is upset with the mishap. Mr. Bhansali says that all they can do at the moment is waiting and pray for his speedy recovery. The doctors have advised him complete bed rest. They are hoping for him to get back to work by March 9.

We wish Ravi Varman a speedy recovery and unaffected shooting for the movie.


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