Morning make up express!

Posted on Jan 16, 2013 by Shagun Sharma, Taakjhaak Editorial

You enter your office and people are scared!!!! Just kidding, but it happens that you just enter your office in a messed up direct from bed look. Why? Because you didn’t have time to even comb your hair properly. You wish for a cosmetic angel who could make you a princess in just a tinkle. Here your five minute make up express for morning:

make up for office goingSet it up

For a quick morning glam, you need to cut down time looking for things you need to apply on your face. Also stay well groomed. Get your eyebrows done, body waxed regularly. For no last minute hair dilemmas, touch-up your roots every few weeks and get your hair trimmed. Keep your beauty essentials intact in an easily approachable position.

Speedy Concealing

Thirty seconds is all that it takes for a quick concealing. Choose the shade of the concealer according to your skin type and select according to your pre or post foundation use. Always dab and never rub the concealer into your skin.

BB cream

Make using BB cream a religion in your make up regime. It will illuminate, hydrate, nourish and even out your skin. It will take just a minute to apply a BB cream evenly into your skin to cover your pimples, pores and wrinkles.

Eye liner or eye shadow

One minute for the eyes, pick any-eye liner or eye shadow. For a simple natural look, sweep eye shadow in a neutral tone over your lid. For a stand out look, use dark black coal on your upper eye lashes. It will take only one minute. With practise you will learn to use both in a minute.


Curling your eye lashes will make them look glam. It will take half a second to do it. Of course you can do it for beauty.

Blush or bronze

For a smoky glow a little bronzer or blush is a must. A pasty complexion certainly needs this. Do it with a light hand making it look natural. Another one minute for this!

Lip finish

Lip gloss will add a finishing touch to your look. If you have too little time, then you can do it on the move. Prefer a lip gloss over lipstick as it easier to put and can be done anywhere quickly even on the workstation. You can count this half minute for lips or ignore it as well.

So girls, can you say it even now that make up in morning is an epic job. It certainly isn’t, it is just a five minute wonder! And trust me you will make everyone leave work and complement you! You are gonna love it!


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