Murder 3- Steamy, suspense thriller

Posted on Feb 16, 2013 by Devika Sharma, Taakjhaak Editorial

Suspense, drama, steamy scenes, weak story line- all in all, typical ingredients of a Masala (Hot n spicy that is) movie from the Bhatt camp. Controversial as it was, whether for the ‘Inspired’ poster or the storyline, Murder 3 was a much awaited movie that hit the theatres right after the lovey dovey Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air, but so is lots of blood and vengeance. It’s a story about a Wildlife (animals and women gone wild) photographer Vikram (Hooda) who falls for a waitress Nisha (Sara) and seduces her only to make sure she then moves right into his palatial bungalow (read bedroom). This where the bungalow starts showing its ‘haunted’ side to the poor damsel. Clattering and shattering doors and windows, sounds that make you jumpy, and the never ending flickering of the lights makes it thrilling. The sounds and background music surely make the scenes spookier.

Murder-3 ReviewSo what really is happening in this house? Is it because of Vikram’s missing ex-girlfriend Roshni (Aditi) or is there something else? Is there a murder plot where our poor distressed and philosophical Vikram is turning out to be the prime suspect in the eyes of the cops who are trying to find some clues of the ‘supposedly killed’ Roshni. Besides the interesting twists and plots, Vikram Bhatt makes sure he gives you what he is famous for. Lots and lots of body show, intimate bedroom scenes and of course a lot of eerie suspects, making the story stretch for two long hours. Whilst the first half of the movie is full of romance and songs, the second half makes you sit nearly on the edge of your seat. Heavy dose of twists and emotional drama post interval is what you get to see. The story fails to make a mark. Plot seemed a little weak and maybe even copied from some Hollywood flick.

Randeep Hooda has definitely improved with time. But I seriously wish, the actor had some more dialogues in the movie as well. Like Murder 2, here too he gets to be all quiet and sullen, mainly speaking through his eyes. Aditi Ro Hayderi has shed off her ‘girl-next door’ image with this movie. Seeing her performance in Delhi-6 and now Murder 3, you can see the difference clearly. She too has certainly grown as an actor. Sara adds the glamour to the horror here. I would settle for 3 stars for this one. One time watch for me at least. Watch this one if you like twists added to your thrills, with some ‘bloody love’.


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