Must have bags for spring 2013!

Posted on Mar 07, 2013 by Shagun Sharma, Taakjhaak Editorial

Gone are those days when you would stand for hours at bag shops, just think, think, think and come home with an outdated bag. Today is the time when you don’t need to take baggy advice from unknown fashion shoppers standing next to you. Your online fashion guide is always at your service to give you the best.

So if you were getting heavy in head with the idea of which bags to buy, your online fashion guide for the most wanted fashion bags in spring 2013 is right here. Just scroll down to take a sneak peek into the vibrant and colourful bags list of spring 2013:

Daily bags

You are working or you are an outgoing house wife, you would need daily bags to step out. Just break the monotony of the daily bags from basic brown and black leather. Add some style to your daily bag to get a stylish look whenever you step out of the house. Try something like these chained black and beige bags with amazing buckles.daily use bags 2013

Sling bags

After being hit for almost two years now, the fashion police say that sling bags will maintain their throne in 2013 as well, but with a little twist. This time it’s not pink or white but orange and black with a mix of chain and leather. Grab the new style bags 2013


After the square clutches, this time the fashion trends have declared rectangle with curves as the latest trend. For parties adore a clutch with laces and for casual outing go for this glazed green types.clutch bags 2013


Pouches are no more to be used to stuff in with cosmetics and put in bag. With the world of pouches witnessing a sea change, pouches have come out of the bags and turned into an exclusive style statement. From embellished pouches to the plain leather one’s in vibrant colours, everything looks so chic and classy.pouch bag 2013

Style statement bags

Well, with so many bags around, you have to pick one exclusively for your taste and style. One bag out of the millions has to be of the kind to jell with your personality in a way as if it was made exclusively for you. Be it a tote bag, or classy leather bag in bright colours or a standout clutch pick up the one for you and flaunt bags 2013

Fringe bags

Yes, you read it right. From simple leather fringe bags to bags with pearly fringes, everything is the it look for spring 2013. Experiment with these variations and set a style statement to be followed by all!

fringe bags 2013

Striped bags

Stumble upon the line effect for a distinct fashion identity. The latest fashion trend masters have given a 10 on 10 to the stripped bags. Try out every style from basic black and white lining to the playful coloured lining.stripped bags 2013

Eco tote bags

Rather than just creating style statement or stuffing, bag in spring 2013 will be used to spread global awareness. No, it’s not so complicated, all you need to do is carry eco tote bags and the message will be conveyed in style. Eco tote bags come in immense variety from plain whites, to multicolored with motifs and much more.

tote bags 2013

So girls just step out to grab the season’s most coveted bags and be the style diva you ever wanted to be! Get the maximum bang for your buck with the online fashion tips above. All the best!


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