Mysterious calls- Pooja Bhatt back in light!

Posted on Jan 17, 2013 by Taakjhaak Editorial

The bollywoodlites love to bask in the light of fame. Fame at all costs is what their life revolves around. And at times, the hot discussion about a celebrity is so weird that you start considering yourself as a super star with so many better things going on in your life.

pooja bhattAfter the failure of Jism 2 and success of step sister, Alia Bhatt, Pooja Bhatt seemed to lose her fame space by an inch. But how could she take it, when her little step sis was gaining it everywhere. And then she received threatening phone calls all of a sudden. Guess what, this brought lime light back into her life! Calls from unknown number, made her life go upside down and called for help from Bandra police.

The police tracked the number, went to Pune, and arrested the threatening caller, Ashish Swarnakar. The accused said that he got the Pooja Bhatt’s number from a music composer Dhruv, who was his neighbour. The earlier unknown and now known caller has been arrested, and booked under IPC sections 507 and 509.

Well it’s good news for Pooja Bhatt. The threats to her life have vanished and she has got the lost one inch publicity back. But this makes me wonder, why did the man call an oldie like Pooja and not Alia ;) also now I am thinking , why the hell I never used unknown callers as tools for publicity. Had I used them carefully I would have been a bigger celeb by now! LOL


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