Nark Chaturdashi and Chotti Diwali

Predictions for July 19th, 2019
by Achrya M.Krishan Sharma
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The second day of the Diwali Mahotsav is celebrated as Nark Chaturdashi or Narak Chaudash and Chotti Diwali.

  • Narak Chaturdashi

As per Indian mythology, when Mahabali kept the incarnation of Lord Vishnu- Vaman Maharaj as his doorman in order to protect himself, Mata Lakshmi requested Mahabali to release Lord Vaman from this duty. Raja Bali humbly requested Mata Lakshmi to stay in his house as his sister in lieu of the same. Mata Lakshmi agreed to it and told him that she will be coming to his house the next day on Amavasya. She also blessed Mahabali with fearlessness and assured relieving all his ancestors and him from going to hell (narak).

It is believed that today whosoever will pay reverence to Mahabali and Mata Lakshmi as brother and sister will get blessings of Mata Lakshmi and will be fearless and attain swarg.

Poojan for Nark Chaturdashi :

Pray to Mahabali and Maa Lakshmi by reciting the following Shaloka in your heart 11 times

‘Om Bhurbhuva Swaha, Mahalakshmai Namaha’

You can also donate the ‘Pind’ of Rice in the evening.

  •  Chotti Deepawali Poojan :
Get up early morning and take a bath with Panchamrit mix water or Gangajal water.  In the evening keep the Lakshmi Yantra, Kunjika, Lakshmi Paduka,Sumer parvat, etc. at the place of Worship. Put curd,honey, loaf sugar (shakkar), milk, coins,rice, sesame (til), barley (jaau), flowers, five sacred metals (panch dhatu) etc., in a copper pot. put mango leaves on top of it and place a coconut on it.
Place it towards the north or east direction but remember not to keep it beneath the beam or the windows or behind the door. This should also be placed at a position which is higher than your sitting position.
After lighting a Diya and praying to Mata Lakshmi, the sacredness of the copper pot should be maintained as the same will be used for the Diwali Poojan.



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