Orange chairs & the Mexican waves @ PCA Mohali

Posted on Jan 22, 2013 by Rohit Sachdeva

Sitting on the terrace with your favorite people, sipping hot coffee on a cold winter evening would satisfy quite some but amongst crowd in the same brutal weather beating the dhol and screaming my chords, India…India… Totte Totte (chicks,chicks) is what I have never missed since 1996 at the Mohali cricket stadium.

India Vs England at PCA Mohali on 23rd January 2012My first cricketing banner, “Australians if you are heroes, then please please please make a BIG Zero”… India vs. Australia, the semi finals of the Titan Cup in 1996…lol… I waived the school chart material which I believe motivated India to win by 5 runs. Navjot Sidhu and Tendulkar marched India home which was my first LIVE spectatorship at  PCA Mohali and since then I’ve never missed cheering for the men in blue from tickets that I bought from my pocket money.

Crowd cheering at PCA MohaliMohali comes across as the fastest pitch in the country helpful for seam bowling and generally ranks high scores. My home ground to circumspect the Indian team and analyzing each and every player, for me the Punjab Cricket Stadium is my destination for star show. The famous Mexican waves found its origin via the out and loud Punjabi crowd at the PCA Mohali, usually packed with a capacity of 40,000+ people. Slangs and sounds, laughter and light, suggestions and spoofs all will come alive yet again as India take field to win their first series in 2013 against England on the 23rd January in expected temperatures of around 10 degrees. My favorite bleed blue tee with teasers for the English players and some homely abbreviations are all scripted for expectedly 9 hours of competitive game on a the green turf of Mohali.

Even though I’ll miss a day at office, even though the Punjab Police would force me to walk for Kilometers and then queue up for the entry at Gate No. 1 and even though I already know I’ll be nursing a bad throat but nothing is going to stop me from roaring and whistling, shouting and yelling, dancing and bouncing my heart and soul for a game I am obsessed about and ya watch me out on your screens, I’ll be wearing an Indian jersey and somewhere in a group of chicks, Punjabi Style..;)

“1, 2, 3, 4 ek chooka aur maar” … “Ye ander ki baat hai Pietersen hamare saath hai” … UV UV cha cha cha… and many more in progress and store to exhale, by the way I am travelling to Dharmasala for the 27th encounter too, so its cricket back-2-back…;)


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