Oye Hoye Punjabi!

Posted on Jan 24, 2013 by Sonali Chhabra

Call us loud-mouths, ostentatious, gluttony-ridden, flamboyant and blah blah blah! Do we care?

Not in a million years!

Carefree Punjabi's“It’s my way or the highway”, that’s pretty much our motto for a happy life. The gabroos are overtly masculine and the soni mutyaars are naturally blessed with looks to kill. Tandoori chicken will always be our comfort food, brezeer does not qualify as “alcohol”, we have an answer for everything even if that means we end up saying ‘koi na’ most of the times, makki di roti, sarson da saag is our idea of coping up with the winter chills, we answer a phone call saying ‘haanji’ instead of a ‘hello’, we are still called by our silly yet adorable nicknames like nonu, chintoo, nikku, pinki, lovely, etc, we break into bhangra every time we hear a dhol and we believe in giving our daughters their BIG FAT PUNJABI WEDDING!

Full of Life Punjabi'sPunjabis are famous or should I say infamous for doing things a bit over-the-top. But, is it really a flaw? Alright, no matter how much I hate to admit, yes, some of us are a little phony when it comes to socialising. We brag about the riches and our talk points mostly include how many Louis Vuittons and Chanels one possesses. A new purchase of land or an SUV becomes the hot gossip and the shimmering solitaire becomes quite a head-turner! But, then this is just a small section of people who are socially frivolous and take great pride in being so. Not appreciated by many, but, hey…if they got it, they show it. That’s pretty much the norm these days with everyone and not just Punjabis. So, kindly, give the stereotyping some rest!

I am not supporting the show-off or blow-your-own-trumpet attitude. But, seriously, what’s with all the judging? Even if people are bragging about all the good things around them, what’s the big deal? Before writing us off as an outright shallow snob, you’ve got to admit that we really know how to live a life! And, it’s not always about the “money” with us.

We might have tasted varied cuisines, but our heart still yearns for Aaloo Parathas prepared by our bijis, we call a stranger ‘puttar’ in the very first meeting, we laugh our hearts out even if the joke is played on us, we rescue a friend, “chinta naa kari veere”, that’s what we say to show our unconditional support and yes, we mean it, we hold no grudges, “chalo mitti paao hunn”, that’s how we put aside our differences and resolve the issue with a Jhappi ( yes, we have a Munnabhai in all of us, remember Jaadu ki jhappi… it works, by the way).

YES, we have an appetite for LIFE!

Love us, Hate us….



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