Prachi Desai becomes anti-daily soap industry!

Posted on Feb 15, 2013 by Taakjhaak Editorial

Gossip is gossip but what becomes a weird gossip is when someone starts criticising the roots of their existence. Something on the same lines has come from Prachi Desai…

Prachi Desai becomes anti-daily soapsPrachi Desai today calls daily soap industry a regressive. How unethical it sounds coming from a girl who was nobody before she stepped into the same. Prachi Desai was a discovery by Ekta Kapoor for her TV serial Kasam Se. She got identity as Bani Walia in Kasam Se, and today she condemns the same industry!

Prachi says, “I think, I was a part of TV in a more fortunate time. Even though my story was of a girl being in love with an older man, it was a slightly modern drama as compared to what it is right now. It is extremely regressive. You feel that everyone is doing the same thing and copying each other. When I was in TV, there were so many different stories. I think that stage has gone.”

When questioned that would she make a comeback to her roots, she says, “If a very interesting phase on Indian TV comes where we have short stories and films, then why not? At the end of the day, you are an actor and the medium doesn`t matter.” But another moment very assertively she says, “I surely cannot go back to daily soaps. That is something I know. At least not right now. It`s a decision I made when I did Rock On!!”

Industry has people who like Shahrukh Khan, who after reaching such great heights, still respects the roots of serial industry from where he started. But Prachi’s remarks about the Indian cinema have certainly brought to the front her unethical side. We feel sad for her!


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