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Posted on Jan 25, 2013 by Sulakshna Bramta Bali, Editor Taakjhaak Network

My father always stressed on people having their own opinions as he supported individualism (though he never incorporated other’s view points in his tasks- my mom will better explain ;) ).Like a rebel I always use to say that why does society set up norms if every individuals’ opinion is correct to his best possible knowledge of the subject in that particular environment? Result, we use to end up not talking to each other, him considering me an impossible brat to handle and me considering him an oldie who wants his child to fly freely but cut her feathers too.

my opinionBut now, growing up has prepared me, if not agree but definitely to understand his outlook too. Which is, that an opinion of somebody should be respected but it may always not be correct as his environment to frame those opinions may be limited or restricted?

It may be a lesson from own life or from others , on any issue varying from day to day chores like cooking maa ki daal, how Yuvraj should have played at a particular time to re-drafting the Lokpal Bill, every one has a take which may be subjective, researched or even experienced . I strongly believe than no one is the license holder of a perfect view but every entity is entitled to an opinion, and with constant discussions, experiences and exposure add on to it (if not redefine).

opinions of peopleIf we check out the success stories of real life heroes, their beliefs were always laughed at. Be it Thomas Eddison who was termed as ‘too stupid to learn anything’ by his teachers or Marilyn Monroe whose first contract was cancelled by Columbia Pictures because in their opinion she was ‘not pretty nor talented’. Even Soichiro Honda was passed over for an engineering job at Toyota, later he started making motorcycles and started his own business, today his dream ‘Honda’ is one of the topmost companies in the world. I am sure those critics must be having their own opinions for rejecting the spark in these individuals, but then the success lied in the individuals’ own point of view which proved to be right (thank God, otherwise they would also have been victims of advices from anybody and everybody like most of us for not going the right way).

So whether it is about capital punishment to the rapists to FDI and its effects on the economy or treating people working for you nicely to changing the total frame of the society, I have decided to listen and respect others’ view point and welcome that, take inspirations from the facts, broaden my horizon and use them for personal growth. Having said that I also do admit that I will still be the mutineer who will strongly support her own opinions as they mark my individuality ;) .


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