Restoring old furniture

Posted on Jan 23, 2013 by Devika Sharma

Furniture in our houses covers up the major amount of space and expenditure. One has to be very careful while choosing it. Various things affect its selection. The most important being space and budget. Big bungalows and farm houses are a part of fiction and movies or perhaps a dream in this constricted city life. Only a microscopic percentage of the population may own such and may not need my free advice. A small apartment is the ground reality today. Our dream-houses are now restricted only to a few thousand square feet area.

restore your old sofaBefore you plan buying new furniture for your house, stop and think. Can you/Why not revamp and restore old furniture and change the look of your house? If you happen to inherit an ancestral house and you don’t seem too happy with the furniture’s condition, then here is what you can do.

You can, for example restore your upholstered sofas, chairs and couches. If the upholstery of the furniture is damaged and you are working on a low budget restoration plan, then I’d suggest you to go for Slipcovers. As the name suggests, they cover the existing upholstery of your chairs and sofas. For this you need a lot of fabric, grommets and ties or ribbon.

Step 1 Remove the loose cushions from the sofa.

Step 2 Measure the length, breadth, depth and height of the sofa.

Step 3 Now spread the fabric over the sofa. Make sure you have extra 10 inches longer and wider fabric than the measurements of the sofa. This extra allowance is for the curves of the sofa. Of course the extra fabric can later be trimmed and hemmed as per the shape.

Step 4 Drape the fabric neatly over the sofa, centre it and tuck it tightly around the seat.

Step 5 Gather the extra fabric at the corners and make neat pleats. This is where you will tuck your pleats with ties or ribbon.

Step 6 Mark the tie positions behind the fold and insert grommets (eye-lets) at the marked points.

Step 7 Hem the fabric neatly to give a finishing touch. You can add lace if you want.

Step 8 You can use matching ties/ribbons for the fabric and use the same fabric for upholstering the loose cushions as well.

restore your old sofaA single seater sofa may require as much as 7-8 metres of fabric. Make sure that the fabric is thick and drapes well. A thorough market survey will definitely help. Plain or big floral prints can be opted. Slip covers can be made for beds or diwans as well. They can be custom made by the tailors as well. If you like to play with colours and like to change the look of your room regularly, you can opt for two or more such sets of slipcovers for your furniture. Go in for some neutral colour scheme like cream or beige and the other set of loud floral prints or checks. Experiment with the patterns if your budget allows. But make sure you have at least one colour or element common with the other sets and also with the entire theme of the room. After all, you wouldn’t like your newly ‘groomed’ sofa to look like an alien sitting in your room!Happy Restoring!!!


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