Salman Khan charged with Culpable homicide

Posted on Feb 01, 2013 by Taakjhaak Editorial

Trouble and Salman Khan seem to be into a constant companionship. Even before 2013 has taken its full swing, we hear another charge against our darling Sallu Bhai.

Salman Khan charged with Culpable homicide The 2002 rash driving by Salman Khan led to death of a sleeping pavement dweller and injuries to four others. A case against the actor was filed and the hearings began in 2006, before the Bandra Magistrate Court.

Just a few days back the latest development in the case reported that Salman is being tried under section 304 A-causing death by negligence. The maximum punishment under this section is two years. But the latest news in the case says that Sallu Bhai will be tried for a more serious charge of culpable homicide. The worst part of this new trial is that maximum punishment for this type of trial is ten years.

It is yet to be seen whether the actor will be tried under culpable homicide or not. As for now, Salman is planning to challenge the development in the Bombay High Court. Let’s see what comes next for the actor, but if he is tried and proved guilty of culpable homicide, it will mean darkness in the life of our Dabangg actor.


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