Sweet Gone Sour – The Ugly Breakups!

Posted on Jan 16, 2013 by Taakjhaak Editorial

We all are well aware of the inevitable fact that ex-lovers CANNOT be friends. And, Bollywood presents just the right reasons to make that all the more convincing and believable. In the recent past, there have been many couples in the B-town who have headed towards splitsville and that too an ugly one so much so, that they refuse to maintain even basic cordial professional relationship in public. Forget greeting each other, it does not take even a second for them to turn their heads away and avoid the uncomfortable encounter!
Let’s rewind:
john BipashaThe eight-year long relationship that oozed sizzling chemistry did not culminate as we hoped it would. Their rock-steady relationship made everyone believe that they would surely make it to the altar. However, to everyone’s shock, fans and the film fraternity, alike, the couple called it quits. Not just that, post their break-up, John and Bipasha have expressed their bitterness for each other publicly. It has been seen time and again that they refuse to comment on each other and even if they do, it is just not in good taste! We don’t know the actual reason for the break-up, but that air of unpleasantness and spitefulness is quite evident between the two. How things turn around, eh?
shahid kareena]They may have begun their relationship pretty young, but it did not stop them from acknowledging the same out loud. While many couples in Bollywood do shy away from accepting their love interests, we give full credit to this couple (ooops, ex-couple) for setting a new trend in the tinsel town! Everything was all rosy good in the romantic paradise until the Nawab spelled the magic on the lady love. Their breakup came up as a shock and triggered a collective groan among the fans. Although, they both maintained a decent cordial exchange of wishes for each other on public forums, yet, they prefer staying away from working on same projects, avoid eye contacts at award shows and try to maintain a safe distance from each other! While Kareena has moved on and is now enjoying the marital bliss, poor Shahid is still trying to find his true love!
ranbir and deepikaTheir reel-to-real romance was quite a newsmaker! Their sizzling onscreen chemistry, frequent appearances at award shows, their much talked about public display of affection (remember, the kissing episode at the airport); everything seemed so perfect that one would wonder what could possibly go wrong with this couple! Apparently, the couple split owing to our chocolate boy’s roving eye! Ranbir’s alleged linkups made Deepika quite a cynic for a long time so much so that she even bad-mouthed her ex on a famous talk show! However, things have been better since then and they both will be seen onscreen once again soon. “We are just good friends”, so they say and we are like, whatever, we could not care less now!
salman -aishwaryaAaah, the ‘baap’ of all ugly breakups, so to say! A classic situation devoid of any point of redemption as the damage is just beyond any repair. Accusations, personal disgrace, and public humiliation – things just went from bad to worse for this ex-couple. They have been avoiding sharing the same space ever since their bitter and much publicised breakup. And, as for fans, seeing them together onscreen is just a distant dream now!
What can we say….looks like, Bollywood HATES love stories!

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