Symbol of love and grace- ‘Sindoor’

Posted on Nov 02, 2012 by Shagun Sharma, Taakjhaak Editorial

‘Sindoor’ has always remained as the most valued adornment of a married woman.The glory, the purity and the commitment it symbolises is a beautiful expression of undiluted love a lady has for her spouse.

‘Sindoor’ or vermilion, is considered to be a visible expression for a wifes’ desire for her husbands’ longevity and that is the reason widows do not wear it. As per Indian mythology, red colour is the symbol of power and so the ‘sindoor’ or vermilion is directly connected to Maa Parvati and Maa Sati who gave away her life to save the honour of her husband.It is believed that Maa Parvati blesses the husband of the lady who wears ‘sindoor’ with a long life.

The ‘sindoor’ and its importance has  been mentioned in various Puranas, Soundarya Lahharis and Lalitha Sahasranamam. The history of the tradition of wearing the ‘sindoor’ by Indian women is said to be more than 5000 years. Valid proofs have been found by the archaeologists that the ladies were wearing ‘sindoor’ in the middle parting of their hair during the Harappan times also.

As per Indian astrology, the house of  ’Mesha’ Rashi’ or Aries is the forehead. The Lord of this Sign is Mars or ‘Mangal’ and its’ colour is red. Mars is also the planet which affects marital relationship. Therefore, the combination of red and forehead is considered auspicious or ‘shubh’ for a marriage.

‘Sindoor’ has various healing effects too.The centre parting line of hair is the spiritual centre called Brahmarandhra, which is an aperture in the crown of head. Mercury being the only metal found in liquid form is a component of ‘sindoor’, which has medicinal properties for removing stress and strain. It is also a boosting agent for keeping the brain active and alert.

‘Sindoor’, in the present times may have lost its visibility but still remains the hot favourite of all married women, whenever a traditional occasion arises depicting the sacred bond of marriage. Even if you don’t  put it up daily, you have your special day ,Karwachauth, to make it your signature style . Do apply the sacred ‘sindoor’ as a mark of love and respect for your husband and pray for his long life since his and yours is a life together… forever.

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